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Potato Switch

Because who doesn't want a potato dispensing light switch?
(Mon 10th Apr 2017, 21:23, More)

Overdid it with the Champagne over New Years

Click for big.
How is everyone anyway? Haven't posted much recently, been too lazy to make 400k GIFs...
(Tue 3rd Jan 2017, 15:04, More)

These buggers are everywhere

Old GIF never posted here, fit nicely into the image challenge this week though
(Fri 16th Jan 2015, 23:55, More)

Cat Gent

(Fri 10th Jan 2014, 14:11, More)

Cat Care

Long time no post - mostly because I've been too lazy to optimise my GIFs :(
(Thu 8th Aug 2013, 16:10, More)

Business Seagulls

Click for tiled
(Mon 1st Oct 2012, 13:12, More)

Office Drudgery

... cured by cups of tea. Especially when it's drunk using a bonus limb
A little clip from this film

(Tue 11th Sep 2012, 16:51, More)

Hipster Goose

(Wed 29th Feb 2012, 21:52, More)


Look out for the exact moment where he sees the (infinite) prawn treats
(Wed 30th Nov 2011, 20:53, More)

Having fun with trees

(Wed 23rd Nov 2011, 22:49, More)

Fly Fat Cat, Fly!

(Sun 28th Aug 2011, 21:22, More)

May I proudly present....

(Wed 29th Jun 2011, 18:08, More)

This is how cheese is made, right?

I've not missed the image challenge either. Huzzah! (thanks EDubya)
(Thu 31st Mar 2011, 18:27, More)

Dirty Doll

I know these things like to be drawn, but this is just silly
(Fri 3rd Dec 2010, 17:29, More)

Deck Chair Fun

Click for big with sound and other stuff
(Thu 26th Aug 2010, 21:41, More)


Click for tiled - bit dodgy in Safari though
(Thu 29th Jul 2010, 20:46, More)

Chair Imagination

Or maybe I'll call it "Do Chairs Dream of Green Fields?"
(Thu 20th May 2010, 20:20, More)

Pointer Poke

(Mon 4th Jan 2010, 20:55, More)

Testicle Walk

(Wed 5th Aug 2009, 22:51, More)

Kitty Relay

(Mon 27th Jul 2009, 11:37, More)

Footie Fail

Click for more fails
(Sun 5th Apr 2009, 21:19, More)

Stool Move

(Sat 10th Jan 2009, 19:19, More)

Cat Box

(Sun 7th Dec 2008, 13:20, More)

Light Switch

(Fri 7th Nov 2008, 22:58, More)

Right Click

(Thu 11th Sep 2008, 16:19, More)

Door Surprise

CFB with sound and an extra not quite as looping bit
(Sat 31st May 2008, 16:26, More)


CFB in colour and with sound
(Sat 19th Apr 2008, 19:15, More)

Housework Allergy

(Mon 17th Mar 2008, 16:20, More)


CFB with extra sound but the same amount of me flailing around like an idiot
(Sun 20th Jan 2008, 19:00, More)

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

(Sat 8th Dec 2007, 17:16, More)

Clothbot - Transform!

(Tue 27th Nov 2007, 20:27, More)

More Tiling Nonsense

(Sun 11th Nov 2007, 17:40, More)

Don't Pick Your Spots

Slightly dodgy effects in this one, hope you don't mind
(Sun 4th Nov 2007, 19:20, More)

Another LCD Short

Previously or LCD Soundsystem
(Thu 16th Aug 2007, 20:51, More)

That Pointer's Always Interrupting Me

(Fri 20th Jul 2007, 20:49, More)

Watch Out

(Tue 3rd Jul 2007, 23:52, More)

The Intimate Friend - Magritte

An animated update of "The Intimate Friend" by Magritte
Click for tiled or CFB

(Wed 30th May 2007, 15:52, More)


CFB and extra footage. A director's cut, if you like
(Tue 22nd May 2007, 23:44, More)


Who knew they were so dangerous?
(Sat 21st Apr 2007, 21:31, More)

Pointer Molestation

(Thu 1st Mar 2007, 22:12, More)

The Ages Of Man

Amazing how our bodies change proportions as we age, isn't it?
(Sat 24th Feb 2007, 19:51, More)



*click for tiled

(Sun 25th Jun 2006, 17:55, More)

(Mon 29th May 2006, 23:30, More)

I don't have to change my clothes any more

(Fri 14th Apr 2006, 22:23, More)

Back To Front

(Sat 4th Mar 2006, 20:25, More)

A Bit of Sunday Afternoon Headfuckage

Click for tiled
(Sun 22nd Jan 2006, 14:44, More)

Made a GIF version

(Sat 7th Jan 2006, 15:43, More)


(Sun 6th Nov 2005, 15:10, More)

Showing off my new hat

(Sun 26th Jun 2005, 18:57, More)


(Wed 11th May 2005, 21:08, More)

Ball Throwing - A Warning

CFB with sound
(Mon 28th Mar 2005, 19:34, More)

Tribute to my old dog....

....as he passed away last week (he was alive when I made this though)
(Mon 21st Mar 2005, 22:38, More)


(Sun 20th Mar 2005, 13:23, More)

First Person Shooter

(Sun 27th Feb 2005, 23:45, More)

Look What I Found!

(Wed 2nd Feb 2005, 0:05, More)


(Sun 23rd Jan 2005, 22:05, More)

Mug mug

My site
(Sun 9th Jan 2005, 23:19, More)

Bauble bother

(Wed 22nd Dec 2004, 19:56, More)

Afro and the magic hat

(Mon 6th Dec 2004, 21:04, More)


My site

(Sun 21st Nov 2004, 13:49, More)

Brush Off

Made a little version. CFB
(Sat 13th Nov 2004, 17:58, More)

Monitor molestation

Thanks for the FP Mr FP picker man (or woman)

Sorry about the arm swapping sides. It's a continuity error

(Sat 23rd Oct 2004, 19:28, More)

The perks of an active imagination

(Mon 11th Oct 2004, 23:44, More)

If magic was real...
... getting changed would be quicker

but maybe a bit more dangerous
(Sun 29th Aug 2004, 15:49, More)

do dee do dee dee dum do dee dum
(Sun 25th Jul 2004, 23:44, More)

I do deserve it

oooo fp... thank ye
(Sun 20th Jun 2004, 21:45, More)

Where my legs go

CFB wmv
Thanks to mingegashup for the inspiration
(Tue 1st Jun 2004, 20:47, More)

Sneaky Buggers

They're plotting against me, I swear. They're all in on it.
(Wed 26th May 2004, 12:53, More)

Not Sure About my New Haircut

/filthy repost
(Mon 17th May 2004, 11:39, More)


Web-friendly version, original here
(Sun 11th Apr 2004, 13:10, More)

Cardboard Boxes - Comedy Gold
(Mon 5th Apr 2004, 21:56, More)

Spathiphyllum Silliness

I can't win really, it's a peace lily
(Wed 31st Mar 2004, 12:24, More)

Bad links always give me a headache

(Tue 2nd Mar 2004, 15:39, More)


(Tue 24th Feb 2004, 10:55, More)

Stretching My Mind...

....for a title to this one
(Thu 12th Feb 2004, 14:25, More)

Painful this

First post - be gentle

Front Paged!
Thank you, I love you all
(Fri 6th Feb 2004, 22:15, More)

Best answers to questions:

» That's me on TV!

I Got On BBC3 Once
No amusing anecdote I'm afraid, but I got on telly as part of a BBC New Talent thingy a few years ago. The ex-Doctor David Tennant watched me pissing around in front of a camera, look!
(Fri 12th Jun 2009, 14:33, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

How can you tell if the bin needs emptying?
Bin stinks (instincts)
(Tue 8th May 2018, 10:05, More)