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Potato Switch

Because who doesn't want a potato dispensing light switch?
(Mon 10th Apr 2017, 21:23, More)

Overdid it with the Champagne over New Years

Click for big.
How is everyone anyway? Haven't posted much recently, been too lazy to make 400k GIFs...
(Tue 3rd Jan 2017, 15:04, More)

These buggers are everywhere

Old GIF never posted here, fit nicely into the image challenge this week though
(Fri 16th Jan 2015, 23:55, More)

Cat Gent

(Fri 10th Jan 2014, 14:11, More)

Cat Care

Long time no post - mostly because I've been too lazy to optimise my GIFs :(
(Thu 8th Aug 2013, 16:10, More)

Business Seagulls

Click for tiled
(Mon 1st Oct 2012, 13:12, More)

Office Drudgery

... cured by cups of tea. Especially when it's drunk using a bonus limb
A little clip from this film

(Tue 11th Sep 2012, 16:51, More)

Hipster Goose

(Wed 29th Feb 2012, 21:52, More)


Look out for the exact moment where he sees the (infinite) prawn treats
(Wed 30th Nov 2011, 20:53, More)

Having fun with trees

(Wed 23rd Nov 2011, 22:49, More)

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» That's me on TV!

I Got On BBC3 Once
No amusing anecdote I'm afraid, but I got on telly as part of a BBC New Talent thingy a few years ago. The ex-Doctor David Tennant watched me pissing around in front of a camera, look!
(Fri 12th Jun 2009, 14:33, More)

» I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke

How can you tell if the bin needs emptying?
Bin stinks (instincts)
(Tue 8th May 2018, 10:05, More)