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This is a question On the stage

Too shy to ever appear on stage myself, I still hung around theatres like a bad smell when I was younger - lighting and set design were what I was good at.

Backstage we'd attempt to sabotage every production - us lighting geeks would wind up the sound man by putting the remote "pause" button for his reel-to-reel tape machine on his chair, so when he sat down it'd start running, ruining his cues. Actors would do scenes out of order to make our lives hell. It was great and I don't know why I don't still do it.

Tell us your stories of life on the stage.

(, Fri 2 Dec 2005, 11:02)
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Flying temples
Can't say I have done much stage work, but I have been crew for a few and sound for enough music gigs.

So anyway, am doing counter-weights scenery for an opera at uni, one scene I have to drop in these 2 massive false tree trunks. On the 3rd night (after it going fine the first two) one of the singers walks off stage at the end of her piece directly under one of the falling trees. She didn't sing again that evening. Opps.

Same show, in the grand finale we had to lift up this massive temple, took two people on counters to lift it cause it needed to go straight up and fast. However just my luck one evening my partner is taken ill and isn't coming. So "Gods gift to counter-weights" steps in to help me. She wasn't. Wrecked the whole scene
I ended up shoving her off the weights and doing it on my own.
Yeah that was a bad evening.

Other useful stuff, when you have a manager that "just need to go talk to erm someone" every time there is heavy lifting to be done, anyone who asks gets told "oh he's just gone for a quick wank" as a fact.
Also comms headsets are for trying to make people that are visible to the audience laugh, esp camera crews.

behold my length and girth
(, Fri 2 Dec 2005, 14:24, Reply)

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