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This is a question Pet Names

I once knew a cat called Lenin. It got diarrhea so they renamed it Trotsky. Tell us the name of your pet - but only if you've got an amusing or interesting reason for it. Tiddles need not apply.

(, Wed 25 Feb 2004, 13:33)
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my last two rats..
were called Marvin and Vivian.
Marv after the manic-depressive robot from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy as he was deviously clever for a rat, and disliked people intensely, giving them withering looks or deliberately turnig his back on you.
Vivian was his brother, and obviously missed out on the brain allocation by being resignedly fat stupid and violent, often managing to get himself stuck in tubes etc, then FORCING his was forwards instead of backing out, squeaking pathetically the worse he got stuck. He was named after the Young Ones character.
My parents also have a dog called Boris, after the former Russian president (Samoyed-russian breed of dog) and had considered getting another and calling it Gorby. they previously also had a cat called Lenin, as well as a Stalin and a Madame.
The current ones called Malakai (my naming, skitty bug-eyed creature from Lenore comics) a scrawny ugly stick-legged bat-eared Siamese thing who I think bears an uncanny resemblane to Thom Yorke, and b3ta-board-people just called plain vampiric
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 13:37, Reply)

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