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This is a question Pet Names

I once knew a cat called Lenin. It got diarrhea so they renamed it Trotsky. Tell us the name of your pet - but only if you've got an amusing or interesting reason for it. Tiddles need not apply.

(, Wed 25 Feb 2004, 13:33)
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A hamster
I remember calling my third hamster
"Hugo-a-go-go Slartibartfast Hallam" and in the way that only an annoying child can, insisting on his full name being referred to whenever he was discussed. I can't imagine how my mother didn't kill me.

We also aquired an old Golden Retriever when we moved house, as the previous owners didn't want it.
Their name? "Ross"
The Dog's name "Rossit"

I can only imagine it was because of some sort of cross between Narcicissm and laziness, so that when you called the dog it sat. When I took him for walks I just called him 'killer'.
(, Fri 27 Feb 2004, 15:37, Reply)

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