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This is a question Pet Stories

When one of my cats was younger and a lot fatter, he came bowling in from the garden with an almighty crash. Looking slightly stunned, he'd arrived into the kitchen having ripped the cat flap from the door and was still wearing it as a cat-tutu. Did I mention he was quite fat?

In honour of Jake, a well loved cat, who died on Wednesday, tell us your pet stories and cheer us up.

(, Fri 8 Jun 2007, 8:15)
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I love my cat

Here are some facts:

She's called Floyd and is a very fluffy tortoise shell thing and completely bonkers. She's also the biggest tart on the planet. Where I used to live Floyd was able to climb out the window and sit on the wall outside, whoring herself every time a couple of old ladies walked past.

She once went 'walkabout' and I didn't see her for a week. Turned out she was in the flat upstairs, gaining entry through a bathroom window whilst the young lady occupant was in the bath.

She has the killer instinct of a boiled potato and the only 'spoils of war' she has ever brought me was a dead leaf and a feather. Although she does like fighting, as long as there is a suitable barrier between us. Otherwise she runs off.

Most of the floors in my house are polished wood and hours of fun can be had watching her power slide round corners.

She loves fish and thinks nothing of sticking her paws on my plate whilst I'm eating. She goes mental for silver foil.

She once taught her only kitten how to jump on to things, misjudged the height and fell arse over tit back to earth, with the very impressed kitten looking on. She turned with an expression that said: "Now son, that's how NOT to jump on to things..."

Not a very interesting story but I wanted to get a photo of my cat on to B3TA...
(, Tue 12 Jun 2007, 20:13, Reply)

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