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This is a question Petty Sabotage

I once put magnets on my brothers collection of ZX81 cassettes, so when he attempted to play them, they were full of errors and yet apparently undamaged. Can you beat that? Tell us your tales of petty sabotage.

(, Wed 4 May 2005, 10:59)
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milk bottles
as a teenager, I grew up in a tower block. We used to play footie outside and I of the residents (fat ugly lazy tosser) used to always shout at us to piss off.
He came out one evening, and nicked the ball, so...

we wnt through the entire block (48 flats) and took every empty milk bottle, and then did the same from the next block.

We must have had about 200-250, and we stored them away in the store room. Then when we figured he had gone to bed, we put them outside his door. the corridor outside his door was only a foot or so wider than the door, and when we had finished, there must have been 10-12 rows of milk bottles outside his door.

Christ knows what would have happened if there had been a fire in his flat, but the bastard did deserve to burn
(, Thu 5 May 2005, 11:17, Reply)

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