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This is a question Phobias

What gives you the heebie-jeebies?

It's a bit strong to call this a phobia, but for me it's the thought of biting into a dry flannel. I've no idea why I'd ever want to or even get the opportunity to do so, seeing as I don't own one, but it makes my teeth hurt to think about it. *ewww*

Tell us what innocent things make you go pale, wobbly and send shivers down your spine.

(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:34)
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Two words.
Colossal Squid.

(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:28, 9 replies)
I'm seeing a bus
and three penises.
Is this one of those psychiatric ink blobs?
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:31, closed)
One word
Kraken (warning: do not follow link if you're afraid of colossal squids).
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:35, closed)
i don't know
think of all that calamari!
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:35, closed)
size unknown
I for one would like to think that the '?' denoting the ambiguity of the squids length could actually be very small, like 0.1 metres and that the term 'colossal' was an ironic one as shown by the apostrophies.

However, I think I will join you in quivering in fear as my speculations are likely very, very wrong :'(
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:37, closed)
Normally I love the stuff, deep fried in rings. Oh yes.

However, the depths that giant/colossal/Prescott sized squid frequent mean that they have a very high concentration of ammonia in their blood.

A half-pipe full of calamari rings from these guys would ming like a town hall wall on Friday night.
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:39, closed)
I'd like
To ride one.
That'd be fantastic.
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 13:50, closed)
I have.
But only due to very poor nightclub lighting.
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 14:02, closed)
if they're full of ammonia, i may give the calamari a miss.
also, nice lister reference ;)
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 14:06, closed)
Colossal, hmm
Probably not the word I would use if one emerged from the deeps to wreak vengeance on PJM and his calamari scoffing chums.

"Captain, Colossal Squid to Starboard". Nope.

"Christ On A Bike, Look At The Size of That Fucker to Starboard" That's more like it.
(, Fri 11 Apr 2008, 14:28, closed)

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