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This is a question Phobias

What gives you the heebie-jeebies?

It's a bit strong to call this a phobia, but for me it's the thought of biting into a dry flannel. I've no idea why I'd ever want to or even get the opportunity to do so, seeing as I don't own one, but it makes my teeth hurt to think about it. *ewww*

Tell us what innocent things make you go pale, wobbly and send shivers down your spine.

(, Thu 10 Apr 2008, 13:34)
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imagine this in your head.
Pulling back your big toenail.

(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 10:57, 6 replies)
You bastard!
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 11:01, closed)
*Imagines in his head*
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 11:06, closed)
Thanks for that... ;)
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 11:09, closed)
The toenail nausea elf just took a shit between my tonsils.
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 11:12, closed)
its not very often my fingers and toes retract through reading,

but wouldnt that be a fear of pain andnot toenails?
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 12:04, closed)
There was an ad once
for a fungal nail infection treatment. Where there was a cartoon fungus man dancing beside a foot, and then he just lifts the toenail open and jumps inside. I don't think it was intentional but it was really horrible. Anything to do with the pulling of nails is bad news in my book. Does anyone remember this? I'm sure I didn't make it up.
(, Mon 14 Apr 2008, 15:52, closed)

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