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This is a question Picky Eaters

An old, old friend of mine will not eat/drink any hot liquid. Tea, coffee, soup etc do not pass his lips.

Which would be odd enough if he wasn't in the Army. He managed to survive a tour of duty in the Serbian mountains in winter without a brew.

Who's the pickiest eater you know? How annoying is it? Is it you?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 13:11)
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vegetarian cat food

Don't be telling me that cats can get enough protein from your squashed-up beany crap in a can, so they 'don't need' to eat meat. You know damn well they'd prefer it, and be healthier on it. Because they are carnivores.

(Besides, you know every time you let poor Tiddles out he'll be decimating mice and wild birds in a desperate, hunger-fuelled murderous frenzy, so don't kid yourself.)

Seriously though, if your moral beliefs outweigh your ability to feed your cat a proper, healthy diet - you're not fit to keep one. For god's sake. Get a budgie or something.

Slightly off topic, I know, but it really fecks me off.

PS anyone who has ever used the phrase 'what I choose to put into my body' is almost certainly a prize twat also
(, Tue 6 Mar 2007, 12:37, Reply)

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