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This is a question Picky Eaters

An old, old friend of mine will not eat/drink any hot liquid. Tea, coffee, soup etc do not pass his lips.

Which would be odd enough if he wasn't in the Army. He managed to survive a tour of duty in the Serbian mountains in winter without a brew.

Who's the pickiest eater you know? How annoying is it? Is it you?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2007, 13:11)
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Almost 30 fricken pages
My engorged length is twitching at the underside of my desk.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:56, Reply)
Cola flavoured nerds
are the devil's own rabbit droppings. That is, if the devil were to take fluffy bunny form.

There can't be many kids who are fussy enough eaters to turn their nose up at sweets, but I was one of them.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:55, Reply)
can you still get blackjacks?
I was slightly addicted to them when I was a wee lad ..
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:47, Reply)
Can't spell it.

Can't stomach that shite either - it's just black tar that's been shitted on by a herd of marauding wilderbeeste that have gone through a putrid, festering, carcass infested river.


(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:45, Reply)
Fruit Salads
Agreed with Legless - let's get to 30 pages! Admittedly about 9 pages of this is my shite, but there you go.



I used to have a thing for Fruit Salads - you know, the sweets. I would regularly eat 50-60 in a morning or afternoon - I used to have a HUGE tub in the office and I'd just eat and eat.... One morning I reckon I ate about half the tub - about 100 odd I think....

Funnily enough I was as sick as a dog after that - I've not eaten them since.

Another odd thing - You used to get them with BlackJacks - I feckin' hated them....
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:43, Reply)
Trev's nuts
This bloke called Trev will only eat peanuts after he has wiped them on his nuts, the dirty bastard...
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:37, Reply)
Can't stand the stuff.

When I was in the sixth form at school the science teacher told us that drinking milk before a night out lines your stomach and helps you not get ill on the drink.

SO, I drank a glass of milk before we went out. Threw it up within 30 seconds of drinking it.
Went out on the lash and ok but I don't think the milk helped my cause as it emptied my stomach before I went out...
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:35, Reply)
fizzy sours
At work we recently had a pointless contest. There was a large tub of those fizzy sour sweets from Haribo.

The challenge... how many can you fit in your mouth in one go. I got about 24 before looking at my challenger I got the giggles, and eager to prevent a sprinker spray of soggy saliva sweeties I decided to stop.

What followed was disgusting. You see, once they're in your mouth you start to salivate. I swear I nearly drowned on my own spit.
This was made worse by the sugary/sour taste that left my mouth in a poor state.

have you every poured salt onto a slug, and watched how it goes all gooey as it dissolves itself? Well my mouth felt like that. Plus my teeth were not happy either, felt like they'd been stripped and sanded of their enamel (probably were!). Then the stomach cramps kicked in.... Man is not meant to eat that much Haribo. I reckon they contain rat poison or factory sweepings of some kind.

I don't think I'll ever eat those again.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:28, Reply)
Don't give me a bone!
For some weird reason I can't bring myself to eat meat on the bone.

I REALLY like meat, but if there's bones in it no thanks.
Take Chicken for example, chicken breast etc lovely, chicken drumstick or whole roast chicken, yucky.

Same goes for skin. Skinless chicken or fish fillet = nice. Chicken with skin or fish with skin = scary.

I've often wondered if I'm a closet vegetarian who likes meat too much!
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:19, Reply)
More a picky drinker than a picky eater. Cant drink the stuff. Makes me break out in a cold sweat because of what happened when I was 8 on a school trip to Alton Towers...

On the M1 and about halfway to the fun the driver and two teachers who were paid to coralle us were getting a bit tetchy. There's only so many times an adult can here a bunch of kids sing The Chicken Song by Spitting Image on a continuous loop before they commit infanticide. So, we pulled into a big service station to give them a break and to let us explore this weird new world where there were Kings of Burgers and strange vending machines with strange rubber things inside. Me and my mates were a bit thirsty and decided to go and stock up on pop and crisps. I had been entrusted by my dear old mum with a crisp £5 note and told not to waste it on rubbish. So while my mates were slumming it with coca-cola and pepsi, I went to the rolls royce end of the sugary drinks market and bought a fucking huge bottle of ribena. Ribena was special in my house. It cost about twice as much as normal squash and came in a smaller bottle. So it was rare as angel piss and only found its way into my mums weekly shopping on birthdays and xmas (yes, we were poor- no harm in that).

After eating my way through a load of salty snacks I got a bit thirsty but thought I'd wait until I got on the bus to quench my thirst. Ribena was worth the wait. I was probably more exited about having a swig of that than I was about going to a damn theme park.

Back on the bus and back on the motorway, I brought out my prize and showed it round to my mates who were all pretty impressed. (We're from Northampton and easily impressed by most common or garden household objects).

I had a drink and it was bloody awful. My mate pointed out that I'd bought a fuck off big bottle of undiluted Ribena. I told him I prefered the undiluted stuff because it was stronger and meant that I was harder because I could handle it. I then drank the whole bottle of the stuff in little sips because it was awful, like drinking thick sweet soup.

By the time we got to Alton Towers the stomach cramps kicked in. By the time we got in the front gate and were set free, my insides were onfire and I was bent over in pain. I felt like a donkey had kicked me in the bollocks and set my anus on fire. It really was that bad.

We spent five hours at Alton Towers. I spent five hours sat on a stinking toilet with purple blackcurrenty-smelling shit shot-gunning out my arse.

Never touched the stuff since.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:16, Reply)
Germ averse
I worked with a guy who washed the wrapper of a mars bar with baby wipes before opening it, then inspected it thoroughly for needle puncture marks (no, really).

He ate rolls with a knife and fork (obviously an individually wrapped new plastic disposable set each time).

Every time he washed his hands he used a new bar of soap - soap piled up in our workplace toilet sinks.

Someone tired of his germ obsession and broke into his locker and crapped in it.

He left a month later to drive buses.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:14, Reply)
I thought my girlfriend was picky about food (milk onto cereal and then poured off again before eating?). But she's an absolute dream compared to some of you fruitcakes.

Mmmmmmm..... fruitcake.

As for me I think the only thing I've ever encountered that I didn't like is abalone which tasted of hard salty rubber, and I'd probably give that another try if offered it.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:13, Reply)
Hate them, well I hate them uncooked but love them cooked, as long as they aren't still visibly tomato shaped.

I don't know why either.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 11:08, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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