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This is a question The Police

Sitting in my local pub late one night enjoying the landlord's flexible idea of what constitutes his licencing hours, a bunch of drunk blokes in raincoats burst in. Requesting to be served, one shouted at the barman "It's alright - we're not coppers!"

They were spitting images of Lt. Columbo to a man. The barman laughed them out of the pub.

(, Thu 22 Sep 2005, 10:12)
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Unlucky mate
Until last year I lived in a nice town north of Liverpool called Formby. This leafy suburb had a problem with rowdy youths coming from dodgy parts of Liverpool, drinking in the parks and causing trouble.

The local constabulary were always on the lookout for out of town rogues, and if any kids were walking the streets they'd get stopped by the police and asked a series of questions, to determine if they were local.

This process backfired when a couple of my mates got stopped after going to the off licence late at night. The copper asked my mate James the usual questions. Unfortunately, his - completely true - answers sounded a little too 'made up'.

Copper: Where do you live?
James: Formby.
Copper: And what school do you go to?
James: Formby High.
Copper: Uh huh, and what street do you live on?
James: Er, Formby Street...
Copper: Get in the car.
(, Fri 23 Sep 2005, 7:54, Reply)

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