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This is a question Prejudice

"Are you prejudiced?" asks StapMyVitals. Have you been a victim of prejudice? Are you a columnist for a popular daily newspaper? Don't bang on about how you never judge people on first impressions - no-one will believe you.

(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 12:53)
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No I'm not prejudice, my mother brought me up correctly
Sat down having a meal with my mother in a restaurant when we overheard a woman at the next table saying, "What do you call those people? You know, the ones that are worse than the Jews?"

Sadly we never did find out who was worse than the Jews as we were laughing too much. We still joke about it today.
(, Sat 3 Apr 2010, 19:40, 2 replies)
Having many Jewish friends,
I would venture that the answer is "Philistines."

They do go on about them. I had to look it up, myself.
(, Sat 3 Apr 2010, 21:12, closed)
It's amazing how much casual racism goes/went on
I think it was Robert Graves - An excellent writer - who said, casually:

Trust a snake before a jew
And a jew before a greek
But don't trust an assyrian

(, Sat 3 Apr 2010, 22:10, closed)

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