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This is a question Prejudice

"Are you prejudiced?" asks StapMyVitals. Have you been a victim of prejudice? Are you a columnist for a popular daily newspaper? Don't bang on about how you never judge people on first impressions - no-one will believe you.

(, Thu 1 Apr 2010, 12:53)
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Can't stand 'em. Make me feel insanely horny but fornication (ie sex without the intent to reproduce) is inimical to my Catholic beliefs. So basically I'm forced to spend my weekends driving slowly round red light districts with a bible in the glovebox and a hammer in the footwell. The Lord's work is messy!
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 11:13, Reply)
I hate people that NEVER
click 'I like this' when they are told to.

Click 'I like this' if you agree with me.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 10:27, 2 replies)
I hate people that put
click 'I like this' if you agree with me.

I have NEVER clicked a post where someone told me to and I never will - no matter how much I liked the post, or agree with the sentiment.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 10:13, 1 reply)
I don't like prejudiced people
And usually shun or ignore them.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 10:10, Reply)
Cartoon-hating, burka lovers.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 9:40, Reply)
I judge on first impressions.
Therefore, anyone I see reading the Daily Mirror I automatically assume them to be an ill-informed bell-end.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 8:43, 4 replies)
I am also prejudiced against ignorance.
I'm a friendly person. When I'm walking down my street, or laying outside underneath my car, I tend to say 'Hello' to everyone that passes. (It's not that weird, is it...?)

The weird thing is that only about a quarter or them (or less) actually take the time out of their day to answer you. The rest just walk on past, pretending they didn't hear. Seriously, try it one day.

The reason for this must be one of two things - either that they think they are better than me, or they think I'm weird.

Because saying hello to your non-immediate neighbours is THAT weird in today's society.

Either way, it makes me want to cut their tits off.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 7:35, 20 replies)
I can't stand children.

I'm not sure what annoys me the most. Perhaps it's the way they can't pronounce their words properly.

Maybe it's the fact that they're self-absorbed, selfish and scream and cry if they can't get what they want.

Perhaps it's something to do with the clumsy way in which they ALWAYS seem to break things, and the way they manage to fall over even when there are no obstacles to trip over.

Maybe it's because they can't just sit still in one place for 5 minutes without getting bored.

I know we were all young once, but I still hate the fuckers.

Luckily I don't have any. Yet.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 7:20, 6 replies)
traffic lights...
People who witness me pressing the pedestrian crossing button, only once mind you as anymore is completely unnecessary, and then proceed to press it themselves as if they think my pedestrian crossing activation skills are inept. Do they presume to offend and annoy, do they like just like pressing buttons or are they just mentally retarded. I prefer the latter...

I expect these are the same people who don't know how air-conditioners work and operate them on ridiculous settings.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 4:01, 8 replies)
mom always told me
Well when I was a boy I had a habit of balancing a new roll of shit tickets on top of the finished cardboard roll instead of replacing it. Mother told me that only rednecks, hillbillies, and mouthbreathers stack new TP rolls instead of replacing.

Then to take it one step further she told me, and I don't know if this is true or not, but that people of average or better intelligence would always make the tail of the roll face outwards, thus making it easier to grab a slice of bog roll instead of fishing around behind it.

Now every time I go to someone's house I always make a judgment about them based on what I find. Sad I know.

Also my mom made fun of me cause I told her I didn't know how to breathe through my nose when I was 3 or so. I'm now proud to say that I've figured it out.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 3:45, 10 replies)
people who think i need saving - i really dont
so this not technically my prejudice. its other people's prejudice because they cannot tolerate me having a different belief system.

not many people know but i had a religious upbringing.

so i cannot help but get annoyed when people say 'but you haven't tried..." because i have and more to the point, i haven't tried believing that my cat can hear my thoughts but that doesn't mean it'd be helpful.
(, Wed 7 Apr 2010, 0:09, 5 replies)
What I want to know is this.
Why is it so many English Nationalist types can't actually communicate properly in the written form of the language of the country they purport to be so proud of?
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 22:29, 17 replies)
My girfriend dumped me by email ...
...telling me that I am "dyslexic and bigoted".
For fucks sake, even if I did have dyslexia it shouldn't be used as a reason to dump someone.
And I do not have big toes.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 22:23, 1 reply)
High Vis Jackets
Slip on one of these and it seems that people immediately assume you're as thick as pigshit in the neck of a bottle.

Walk into the same location wearing a suit and it seems that the sun has picked today to shine out of your arse.

Having cause to endure both wardrobes in the course of one day illustrates to me just how ignorant some people can actually be.

Not really the same as being called a nig-nog or worse, but there you go.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 22:04, 11 replies)
Serious one.
Members of a minority group who resent other members of the same group that act less 'mainstream' than they do.

Flamingly camp hairdressers don't cause homophobia, crack-addled yardies or Muslim fundamentalists don't cause racism.

Even though bigots will swear unto death that the chosen group is causing the resentment, the desire to despise someone comes first, and the group is chosen second.

If al-Qaeda collectively announced that they'd changed their mind, the effect on race relations would be a bunch of people realising how much they hated gypsies or the Irish or someone else.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 21:18, 3 replies)
I love dreidels.
I'm pro-Jew dice.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 21:13, 6 replies)
The correct manner
to address the vegetable chopper is;

"Pray, d'you dice?"
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 20:41, Reply)
Why do all Crusties learn to juggle?
Get a proper job you tw*ts!
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 20:38, 4 replies)
Pokemon - Down With The Kids, apparently.
First Story, in which I was the one at fault:

Walking home one day, I had to pass an unruly group of 'yoofs' in their hoodies and designer trainers gathered outside a shop in their obligatory try-and-cadge-a-fag-whilst-whistling-at-the-local-talent formation. I don't like large crowds at the best of times, but I really don't like having to pass groups like that as it makes me feel threatened. I kept my head down and avoided eye contact as I walked past them - only to have one of them cry out with unbridled joy at the sight of the Pokemon keyring hanging from my bag.

"Bulbasaur! He's WICKED, man!"

Shame on me for presuming that a bunch of hoodies would lack the necessary levels of geekery to recognise a Pokemon and willingly engage in a constructive conversation about them!

Second Story, in which People in Black Leather Want To Eat Your Sooooooul:

I have a long black leather trenchcoat which I like to wear a lot (especially handy in Britain, since it's cold an awful lot, don't you know old chap.) I was wending my merry way along the pavement wearing said coat when I passed a woman and her child standing together, and I heard the woman say to her child - with what I *hope* was only half-seriousness:

"Don't go near her, she'll EAT you!"

Hmmm. I don't mind children very much, but I couldn't manage a whole one.

...there, that's my b3ta posting-cherry popped. Wasn't as painful as I thought it would be, but I could certainly do with a lie-down now. Length? Longer than I thought.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 20:17, 1 reply)
I'm prejudiced against Tom Cruise and John Travolta.
It's Xenu-phobia.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 19:57, 2 replies)
I fucking hate
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 19:57, 4 replies)
Two great comebacks to racist twats
Racist twat - I hating ficking blacks
Witty you - well stop fucking them then


RT - I fucking hate blacks
WY - yeah I much prefer millets!
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 19:31, 1 reply)
For some reason, I don't like men with beards, or any form of facial hair longer than a few mm. I seem to think that they're bad people.

It's even worse if they also wear those big 1980s style glasses, then I think that they're a sex offender.

I also don't like men with goatees or moustaches.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 19:09, 11 replies)
I left England in 2006 to work travel and work abroad, worked in Australia for nearly 2 years worked in South Korea, travelled South America twice, and Asia.
Upon my return to England I find myself unable to apply for jobs such as the police, solicitors, any government job such as customs, can't even receive a bursary to study nursing,
I haven't lived in the UK for the last 3 or in some cases 5 years.
I'm a full UK citizen,born here, lived here for 23 years, worked for 7 of them, paid taxes, have a degree here, but because I went abroad and worked and saw some of life I can't work here?
guilty of lack of funnies m'afraid sports.
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 18:24, 5 replies)
Are you prejudiced?
Would you ride a black?

Would you ride his wife?

hardy-har har
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 18:01, Reply)
Avenue Q song
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 18:01, Reply)
My gran..
..watching 'The Cosby Show' back in the '80s at her house with my sister.

She'd never seen it before, and after a couple of minutes she said, in a loud voice: 'but...but...they're all NIGGERS!'

Me and my sister crack up laughing at my gran's lack of etiquette. She wasn't being racist; it's just the language her generation used.

'Er, gran, you can't say that anymore'

To which she turns to us and replies in open mouth astonishment..

'but they ARE!'

(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 17:49, 4 replies)
You know
that person who stops at the pedestrian crossing and pushes the wait button just as your driving up to it forcing you to stop?

That`s me
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 17:32, 5 replies)
As mentioned in the brief at the top... spots.
It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, at work, a theme park, in a queue, anywhere. If I see spots my brain just shouts;
I WANT TO SQUEEZE IT! Its not because I want to touch them, the idea of actually geting rid of it actually repulses me. But my eyes are just drawn to the little critters and I want to hide, the more I look at them the more I can't comprehend why the hell they haven't squuezed the yellow/green topped puss filly mound on their face. The thought of it now, I think Im going to go be sick ='(
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 17:07, 5 replies)
Midgets ahoy
When i was a young lad of the tender age of twelve i used to get picked on quite a bit.Well i was a bullys dream come true.A five foot ,goothy toothed, glasses wearing nobody.
There was this rather small chap who liked to follow me around and then proceed to jump and head butt my stomach (he was that small). Then one day i lost my rag a bit and lifted him against the wall by his neck.

He's in the navy now.......
(, Tue 6 Apr 2010, 17:02, 3 replies)

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