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This is a question Presents

What are you buying your loved ones this Christmas? We're looking for inspiration and reckon a big share-a-thon of ideas will help everyone buy better gifts this year.

BTW: If your family reads B3ta and you're worried about giving the game away then tell us what you bought last Christmas.

(, Thu 26 Nov 2009, 12:34)
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when pretty skint (as per bloody usual)
i took a mate who was joining my family as he didn't have much place else to go up the hill behind my folks house (google maps link in replies for the mapgeeks), lit a small fire in the frost from twigs i'd grabbed as we went and warmed two post-thermos metal mugs of coffee before chucking far too much brandy in it and sparking up.

"Happy Christmas Mate. I got you a view"

I'm pretty proud of that one. Better than i usually do.

(edit: added a link on how to get there, has some pics)
(, Tue 1 Dec 2009, 10:57, 4 replies)
Googlemaps ref:

and heres the page on how to get there:

(, Tue 1 Dec 2009, 10:58, closed)
I'd be chuffed to bits if a mate got me that for christmas

(, Tue 1 Dec 2009, 11:09, closed)
thanks mate :)
must say i got a little damp eyed at the memory

And i'd forgotten all about it and i'm now pricing up steel mugs for my mates. :D
(, Tue 1 Dec 2009, 11:19, closed)
Now this is the sort of gift I'd like...
Great idea there, sir. Great! click!
(, Tue 1 Dec 2009, 14:03, closed)

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