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This is a question Professions I Hate

Broken Arrow says: Bankers, recruitment consultants, politicians. What professions do you hate and why?

(, Thu 27 May 2010, 12:26)
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Those CUNTS at the child support agency
amongst others.It would appear that the primary criteria to be employed at the CSA office is that you must be a single mother, preferably divorced, with nazi-like feminist views on the male population.
Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I cannot fathom just how it is good practise to forcibly take money from one parent to give to another who refuses to work, yet cries poor to all and sundry.
In my case currently, my daughter now lives with me, and I still have to pay her mother because of small (CSA) debt, while she pays nothing. CSA staff quite openly state that they will not pursue her for payment (the reality is the small sum would just come off my debt, she would not be out of pocket),then tell me that if the situation were reversed, that they would not hesitate to seize goods and property to make amends. Fuck the politicians who legislated such vile tripe, and Fuck the CSA workers who go out of their way to be cunts.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 5:02, 9 replies)
CSA - Basically a good idea.
Execution leaves a lot to be desired though.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 7:14, closed)
I have a really simple idea
on how to do away with CSA, and the millions that they cost the taxpayer (yes, they actually cost despite stealing your money).
Quite literally, the first question that the Family court should ask is, "are you financially capable of supporting this child?" if the answer is "no" , then the party with the funds gets to raise the child. If a single parent then contacts centrelink (Australian welfare) to complain that they haven't got enough money to feed their kids, then DOCS go around and remove said kids.......SIMPLE. Also very good incentive to find work, instead of very good incentive to grow your arse on other peoples money.
(, Sun 30 May 2010, 6:07, closed)
They're idiots.
I had to co-operate with them as a condition of Legal Aid in my divorce. I gave them
- every address my ex had ever had including his current one
- his NI number
- the name and address of his employers (the County Council, as he was a teacher) and place of work (a school where he'd worked for 20 years)

I heard nothing for two years, by which time our youngest had moved in with him on the promise of exotic holidays and unlimited smoking rights.

Then I had a phone call from the CSA informing me that they were dropping any action as they couldn't trace him. Efficient, huh?
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 9:52, closed)
They fucked us over and in the end we went Bankrupt. My partners ex, bought a new car last year, because only one car is not enough for them. We can't even afford to buy food, but the CSA wont listen. Also access to the child has been refused since January and when we complained we were told tough shit.

Great idea, but the people who actually do the work are unsympathetic, unscrupulous, mercenary bastards.

Clicky for your troubles, I feel your pain.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 10:34, closed)
Clicked on behalf of my brother
Who, after his (now ex-) wife stopped screwing all and sundry, found himself getting butt-fucked by the CSA so she doesn't have to risk injury by getting off her arse and finding work.
She and her new partner (poor cunt) have foreign holidays and live in a 4-bedroom house, while my brother is working his ass off, commuting 90 miles a day to work. He's constantly overdrawn and can't afford to move somewhere other than in the old family home, which is falling down around his ears for want of remedial maintenance work.
The biggest injustice, however, is that after my brother's liability was assessed, the CSA introduced new criteria and formulae that would save him around £150 per month in payments. All new cases are assessed under the new formula, but they refuse to reassess my brother as they can only just about keep up with the new work, so can't look at older cases.
Fortunately, he's only got 1 year left to pay for the eldest child, which will reduce his payments significantly.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 11:13, closed)

Theyve been giving me that "new formula" garbage at least 6 or 7 years.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 11:20, closed)
I could be wrong here but
I was under the impression that no matter how many kids you have, they can take no more than a third of your salary??

I'm on minimum wage (thanks to some 'extremely' good accountancy) so don't get screwed over too badly, but the mother of my kids doesn't work (and never has besides the kids being 12 and 14) can still afford the 4 bed house, 2 holidays a year etc... thanks to the benefit system.

On the other hand, my missus has a 3yr old, works 16hrs a week as a events coordinator (as much as she can without losing out) but she'd be better off not working but is too proud for that.
(, Sat 29 May 2010, 18:22, closed)
At one point
they were garnishing 34% of my gross income, to give to my kid's pigfaced mother,while I had my kids in my care 5 nights a fortnight.
The godawful fat slag has just returned from a trip to the states using my money, and last year went on a cruise. I have not had a holiday since 1992. Also in Australia they can apply for adult child maintenance to study underwater basket weaving up until the age of 28.
(, Sun 30 May 2010, 8:48, closed)
god and I thought the English system was bad!

(, Tue 1 Jun 2010, 21:11, closed)

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