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This is a question Public Sex

Train carriages, car parks, behind the altar at midnight mass. Where have you done the dirty?

Thanks to SpankyHanky, Chart Cat and others for the suggestion

(, Thu 23 Apr 2009, 12:58)
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The student union
I was a bit of a shameless hussy in my second year of uni. No apologies for it, had a great time! Anywho, I'd been having a sort of fling with the education officer of the student union. He was incredibly welsh (from Aberdare, thick accent), but a sound guy and we were and still are good mates. One night we were in our university nightclub on campus and rather drunk. He turned round to me and said that we didn't have to pull everytime we went out as he didn't want to ruin our friendship. That was fine by me as I was sort of getting to know the assistant manager of the uni club at the time (much to the anger of the manager but that's another story). Then, 5 minutes later, he comes up to me at the bar where i'm standing with a mate to declare that some guy had just been sick on him in the mens bogs. Much hilarity and jibes. Then turns to me and asks if i wanted to go up to the sabbatical offices for a shag. Being drunk I said yes (he had washed hte sick off, it was only on his shoes). So we get the master key off the president, and make our drunken way upstaris, where I bump in to the assistant manager, who asked me where i was going. I told him I'd left some paperwork up in the office and was going to get it, at midnight on a friday night... oddly enough he believed me.

Anywho, much horizontal naked fun was had. On everyone's desks thanks to the joy of the master key. Got me in a bit of trouble on the monday, but we all laugh about it now. We decided to open the board room as there's a huge desk in there, and he proceeds to turn the light on. I went mental. He turned around and said he did it because he couldn't see. To which I replied, fair enough, but now all of the halls on campus could also see our drunken escapades. So that was how the first years that year saw a free porn show.

Would have gotten away with it if i havdn't knocked over a cup of coffee and left smear marks on the president's computer screen.

Length? He had a lot of stamina when he was drunk, and I had to explain why it too an hour to find a piece of paperwork to the assistant manager...
(, Sat 25 Apr 2009, 16:41, Reply)

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