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This is a question Public Sex

Train carriages, car parks, behind the altar at midnight mass. Where have you done the dirty?

Thanks to SpankyHanky, Chart Cat and others for the suggestion

(, Thu 23 Apr 2009, 12:58)
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It all started last autumn
I told you lot how I met Jason at work and how we got acquainted. He moved in with me and the kids just after Christmas and things are looking really good. In fact I hardly ever look on b3ta these days as there's so much else to distract me. This question did tickle me a bit though and here's why...

It was last November, the kids were at school and Jason and I decided to take a day off together to just spend at my place and chill. He stayed over quite a bit, but was still a bit uncomfortable with the kids about and couldn't fully relax, if you know what I mean. The only problem was that there was an important meeting in his department that morning that he would have to dial in to. It was from 9.00 to 10.00 so I told him to not worry about it. I'd make a nice, late breakfast for the two of us and bring it in for him while he was on the phone.

So, there I was, the kids had gone off and I went to have a nice shower. I was feeling nice and relaxed but a little bit mischievous, which is why I decided to have a little shave while I was in the shower. Then I thought I'd have a bit more of a shave. Oh sod it, let's shave the lot off! I giggled as I put on my soft white towelling dressing-gown and went down to the kitchen to make some coffee. It was just nine o'clock and in the living-room at the back of the house, I could hear Jason on the phone, then the idea came to me. While the coffee was brewing I nipped back upstairs and put on what you might call a naughty maid outfit. I put on stockings, some sexy lingerie, a black woollen mini-skirt, a thin white blouse with the top three buttons undone and some fairly high heels. Then I put the coffee on a tray and carried it in to Jason who had some papers spread out on the coffee table in front of the sofa he was sitting on.

He did a bit of a double-take as I shimmied in and nearly lost the thread of his conversation as I did a Benny Hill - bending over with legs slightly apart to put the coffee tray down in front of him, virtually sticking my arse in his face. He could certainly see that I had stockings on and ran his hand up my inner thigh. Then I turned and gave him a view of my cleavage as I poured the coffee for him and I could see the bulge in his trousers growing by the second. I decided it was time to really put him off his stride so I stood up and slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the ground, then I put one foot up on the sofa next to him, pulled my skirt up to my hips and started rubbing myself gently. He was clearly distracted as he had to look away and join in with the discussion again but I was not to be put off. This time I turned away from him and slowly lowered my panties, bending lower and lower. When they were off, I turned slowly so that he could see the full effect of my morning shave.

Now he seemed to be having difficulty breathing, let alone taking part in a conversation. I sat down on the sofa, leaned agaisnt the side cushions, one foot on the floor, the other on his shoulder as I slowly brought myself off. By this point he'd loosened his trousers and pulled them off though he was studiously not touching his raging hard-on as he tried to carry on the conversation on the phone. I was amazed at his self-control, and couldn't match it, I shifted round and lay my head in his lap so that I could lick his nut-sack slowly, I really wanted to suck him off then and there but wanted to prolong the agony as long as possible. With a slow lick right up the shaft I got up, nealt either side of his legs and lowered myself onto him. I was as wet as scuba-diver's armpit and he slid in as if he was greased.

From the conversation I could tell the meeting was winding up which was just as well as my slow bouncing on his cock was making him breathe faster and harder. "Er, I've got to go now folks. See you tomorrow." he said desperately as he hit the disconnect button on his phone.

"Oh God, yeah,"

"Fuck me hard."

Or rather we thought he'd hit the disconnect button. He'd actually hit the speaker-phone button by mistake, which we realised when we could hear: "Jase, are you still there?" coming from the sofa next to us as he buried his head in my cleavage and shot his load and I groaned with pleasure.

The next day at work was a little embarrassing, but not too much.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:24, 17 replies)
nicely written.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:36, closed)
Now hang on...
How in the buggery am I supposed to work with mental images like the ones I've got now?
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:36, closed)
Madam, I take my hat off to you.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:37, closed)
*scuttles off to toilet with todger tucked in his waistband*
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:40, closed)

After reading this, my cock is standing so proudly to attention that I could stick it in my ear and pretend to be a petrol pump...

(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:44, closed)
written wank material there, cheers! Love it!
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:45, closed)
gotta say I'm with the fellas here - if I had one - it'd be saluting everybody so strongly my laptop would be being lifted off my lap.

(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:50, closed)
Have a ladywank instead.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 12:57, closed)
I'm very sorely tempted
but will behave. I promise.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 13:21, closed)

I'm not usually one for blushing - but I'm pretty flushed now.

Thanks everyone.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 13:24, closed)
No no, thank YOU
*recalls mental imagery*

*scuttles back off to toilet*
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 13:30, closed)
Very nice indeed
Happily clicks :)
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 13:25, closed)
Yee Haw
That there description is wankriffic
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 13:40, closed)
whoop whoop
i now have to meet our Vice chancellor and all i have on my mind is your post.

in a true Sid James voice, "Phwoar" "Yah ha ha ha ha"

Tremendous Trouser Tentage has been applied.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 16:00, closed)
Well written.
Have yourself a click.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 21:39, closed)
Blimey. Just blimey.
And now I'm sat here at work with an engorged member, hoping desperately the boss doesn't summon me over...
(, Wed 29 Apr 2009, 14:46, closed)
*bookmarks for home reading*
Thank you!

(, Wed 29 Apr 2009, 15:18, closed)

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