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This is a question Public Sex

Train carriages, car parks, behind the altar at midnight mass. Where have you done the dirty?

Thanks to SpankyHanky, Chart Cat and others for the suggestion

(, Thu 23 Apr 2009, 12:58)
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After reading some of these stories I have only one thing to say.

"For the love of god won't somebody think of the children?"
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 19:54, 7 replies)

Good point. They have definitely been neglected this week.

I thought about shagging some children once, in public, in front of a church in fact.


not true
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 21:15, closed)
If it's not true,
Why'd you tell me to bring all that damn camera equipment?
Stuff weighs a fuckin' ton.
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 21:30, closed)

the 'thought about' part is not true...
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 21:35, closed)
Good stuff.
Can't have you living a lie, that'd be bad.
You might end up suppressing it 'til you do something terrible.
Like fuck some kids...
(, Tue 28 Apr 2009, 21:43, closed)
I have to agree: please think of the children!
For fuck's sake, I use this website to teach my kids reading and grammar!
(, Wed 29 Apr 2009, 3:46, closed)
I did...
And only then was I able to spaff
(, Wed 29 Apr 2009, 10:18, closed)
Haven't you been reading?
Practically all of the stories end up with love snot all over a variety of things, with the exception of a nearby cervix. So unless the ants that cart away the carpet-bombed protein cannonballs are climbing thighs and storing their sticky bounty inside a doubtless itchy uterus... WHAT children?
(, Thu 30 Apr 2009, 5:39, closed)

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