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This is a question Devastating Put-Downs

Amorous Badger says: I once saw a former manager of mine being asked to 'sit down and let your mouth have a chance to speak' by his senior. What's the best heckle/putdown/riposte you've ever seen? (Hint: Recycled 'Your mum' jokes does not make an answer)

(, Thu 24 Nov 2011, 15:15)
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Pony and Crap
On holiday in Egypt last year we found the constant hassle by “Calesh” (carriage) drivers annoying. They were everywhere and followed you everywhere constantly bantering you with “Calesh, calesh, calesh, you know the price? Cheap as chips, lovely jubberly”etc, etc ad infi-bloody-nitum.
One evening a persistent Calesh driver followed as for ages and asked “Why you walk?” I replied that I like to walk. The Calesh driver replied quoting the Bangles hit of years ago “Walk like an Egyptian”!
Somewhere in the back of my mind, cogs started turning and I was able to recall the smattering of Arabic that I hadn’t used for twenty years or so. I replied “Ana maHshy mithl Ar-rajul Ingleezi!” (I walk like an Englishman!)
The Calesh driver chuckled heartily, leaped off his Calesh and gave me a high five, before pulling away and leaving us in peace.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2011, 11:13, 1 reply)
The Clash driver?
It did sound like he was rocking the Casbah, alright.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2011, 11:24, closed)

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