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This is a question Relief

Last week, I thought we'd run over and killed something. After steeling myself to get out and find the body of somebody's beloved pet, I found we'd squished a bin bag. When has something turned out not as grim as you first thought?

(, Thu 20 Dec 2012, 12:38)
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The foolishness of youth.
When I was 20 my girlfriend went to work on some Camp America thing in Maryland for 3 months and I arranged to fly out to meet her for a 5 week holiday once she'd finished her stint.
We ended up flying all over America and ended up back at La Guardia airport on the final leg of our journey. Instead of sensibly taking a yellow cab we accepted a ride from a huge besuited guy who had his own private sedan.

After a few miles we didn't appear to be heading towards the city and as he pulled off the main freeway down some murky exit road the girlfriend and I started to give eachother worried glances. I'd seen colors and recently Boyz in the hood and imagined all sorts of horrible scenarios. I remember delving into my bag for the rather inadequate Swiss army knife I'd brought with me and opening the biggest blade it had. As if that would assist in any way whatsoever.

"At this time of night this is the quickest route." The driver said as if sensing our unease. It didn't help.
We then ended up on some decidedly dark and empty looking roads as it approached late evening.
"This is your hotel guys. That'll be the $20 we agreed on."
He helped carry our bags to the hotel on the outskirts of the city and bade us farewell.

Even to this day I have no idea what we were thinking getting into a strangers car in an unknown country but we were damn relieved to get into safety.
(, Fri 21 Dec 2012, 16:17, 1 reply)
You terrible racialist.

(, Fri 21 Dec 2012, 17:44, closed)

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