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This is a question Random Acts of Evil

Mr Twisty Cheeky asks: As a contrast to last week's question - Has anyone ever been evil to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever been total twuntcake against all logic?

(, Thu 16 Feb 2012, 18:49)
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My g/f at the time went to see a friend in Bristol.
She parked her m/cycle outside his flat overnight. The next morning she was a little annoyed that someone had taken all the indicator lenses off the lights, (I can't remember if they stole the bulbs as well) but, as she had a long way to go (back to Bucks) set off out of the city. As she was coming to a junction at the bottom of a hill, she then discovered that the jokers had not only disconnected the rear brake, but also loosened the rear wheel axle. She 'stepped off' the bike smartish, before it could hit oncoming traffic and phoned me. I had to ride all the way there to pick her up. The bike was not worth repairing, so was left in her friends garden (after I towed it back there). It may still be there for all I know.
No way of telling who did it or why. Not a good day.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:03, 8 replies)
looks like I should have posted this in last weeks QOTW. Oh well, It's here now.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:09, closed)
Attempted murder?
Cuntish, in the extreme.
Someone once nicked the side indicators off my Astra, but at least that wasn't life threatening.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:12, closed)
That really is evil.
That's a 50/50 attempt to kill someone.

Not nice.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:30, closed)
Also, many moons ago
Some little scrote tryed to screwdriver the ignition barrel of my GPz900r outside the then GFs flat in Bath.

He just succeeded in mangling the lock, so that the key wouldn't work.

I managed, given the advantage of daylight and as much time as I needed, to finish the job with another screwdriver and got it started.

About 45 minutes later I pulled into Membury services for petrol and a fag etc, switched it off, confident in the knowledge I could start it again with my screwdriver.

Could I fuck. An hour of pounding, swearing and poking later, I had to call the RAC who kindly trailered it home for me.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 12:30, closed)
Your g/f stayed overnight at another guy's place?
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 13:52, closed)
I was going to watch Columbo,
but this is much better.
He's as good as admitted to the crime, so you just need to hound him into a full confession.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 14:03, closed)
"Girlfriend at the time"
That's clearly a confession.
(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 14:17, closed)
So that's 2 trips to Bristol in the 1 day then Mr. Spill?

(, Tue 21 Feb 2012, 22:31, closed)

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