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This is a question Random Acts of Kindness

Crackhouseceilidhband asks: Has anyone ever been nice to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever helped an old lady across the road, even if she didn't want to? Make me believe that the world is a better place than the media and experience suggest

(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 13:03)
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When I was in engineering school
I was walking to class one day and noticed some cash blowing across the sidewalk. I picked it up, then noticed more cash under a parked car. I bent to pick that up too, and noticed a wallet sitting there, open with cash blowing out of it.

I opened the wallet and found a school ID, driver's license, credit cards and a couple hundred dollars in cash.


Okay, I thought, I can take it to the police, and the girl will have to go through all manner of shit to get it back, and there might not be everything there when she gets it... or I can track her down myself. I sighed and put it in my backpack, then went to the engineering building and used the secretary's phone.

It was that evening when she called me back at home, and I agreed to meet her at the engineering building the following morning. I smiled and greeted her by name, holding out the wallet. She took it, opened it up, exclaimed "It's all still there!" and thanked me as she pressed a twenty into my hand and refused to take it back.

I used it to buy food, as I was flat broke at the time.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 14:32, 2 replies)
I've found a few walletst before,
and half the time, they didn't seem in the least bit pleased that someone had found it, made an effort to return and hadn't filched the money out of it.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 15:00, closed)
I found a wallet at Glastonbury, full of MASSIVE DRUGS
... well, a little skunk and a few pills, plus cards, driving license, money.

I returned the wallet, the cards, the driving license, the money (less a little for postage), and my wife and I had a great weekend.

He emailed and was very grateful. He said:

Thankyou (...)If you could send me your address to this email so I could send you something to say thankyou? Once again thankyou so much! Hope you had a good festival! I had an amazing time even without the wallet!

I thanked him for our great weekend, and suggested he pass it on next time he sees a wallet on the ground.
(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 16:32, closed)

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