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This is a question Crappy relationships

"Recently," Broken Arrow tells us, "The missus informed me that her brother was moving with us." What has your partner done that's convinced you the magic's gone? "Breathe" is not an answer.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2010, 12:33)
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I think I knew it was over
when he broke my jaw in three places and partially detached the retina in my right eye. But it didn't end when he went to prison for it. Mortgage companies don't seem to care about reasons you are struggling; just that you aren't paying. By taking on two extra jobs I managed to get by: no WAY was I losing my home as well.
Not long after his release, I was burgled. Then my tyres were slashed. Then someone posted me a dead rat. Luckily I have strong support around me and it has been all quiet for a few years now.
But I'll stay single, thanks.
(, Sun 24 Oct 2010, 13:39, 3 replies)
If you ever fancy getting back on the realtionship train -

I can set you up!!!

Not to cheapen what happened to you though, saying it was bad is an under statement, what an arsehole :( I hope he got bummed in prison!
(, Tue 26 Oct 2010, 16:13, closed)
Ha ha!
Date a B3tan? Not a chance! I have dated since all this, but would never co-habit or marry again.
(, Wed 27 Oct 2010, 12:07, closed)
On second thoughts, I don't blame you :)
(, Thu 28 Oct 2010, 11:03, closed)

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