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This is a question Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

Many years ago, I went out with a chef. Kitchens are merely vice dens with food. You couldn't move for people bonking and snorting coke in the store room. And the things they did with the food...

My personal vice was chocolate mousse - I remember it being very calming in all the chaos around me. I think they put things in it.

Tell us your stories of working in kitchens, bars and the rest of the nightmare that is the catering trade.

(, Fri 21 Jul 2006, 9:58)
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my mum used to own a cafe
and as a favour to her very good friend she gave said friends daughter a job, nothing taxing or overtly disgusting as they all took turns doing the various tasks that go on in a greasy spoon (washing up, preparing stuff, cooking, taking orders).

the girl hadnt been working there for more than a few weeks when she decided it wasnt for her (perhaps because she was a lazy work shy hippo) and handed her notice in.

now i hadnt been into the cafe for a while so the girl had never met me before but on her last day i popped in for some free grub (one of my favourite perks ever!) and she was working on the till, it was also just at the tail-end of the lunchtime rush so rather than get under everyones feet out the back i sat down until it was a bit quieter.

well the girl who was leaving obviously didnt know i was the son of the owner of the cafe as in plain sight of me and the other customers she shamelessly opened the till and stuffed all the notes in her apron and then went and told my mum she wasnt feeling too well so she's going to leave a bit early now the rush has died down.

my mum followed her out from the kitchen to the door saying how she hopes she feels better and that she enjoyed having her work there and to give her best to her mother for her. well the girls face was a picture when i stood up and went "hello mum, oh did you know she's just filled her apron with all the takings from the till?".

funnily enough my mum and her friend aren't friends anymore.
(, Fri 21 Jul 2006, 10:40, Reply)

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