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This is a question Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

Many years ago, I went out with a chef. Kitchens are merely vice dens with food. You couldn't move for people bonking and snorting coke in the store room. And the things they did with the food...

My personal vice was chocolate mousse - I remember it being very calming in all the chaos around me. I think they put things in it.

Tell us your stories of working in kitchens, bars and the rest of the nightmare that is the catering trade.

(, Fri 21 Jul 2006, 9:58)
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Out of date?
The way I figure it, they have to be extra careful with expiration dates on food for fear o thigs actually getting dangerous that day after they go off, so they tend to be ok for a while.

I worked in my student bar in Birmingham, originally called The Crow Bar, but latterly and stupodly renamed 'The Edge' ('twas in Edgebaston). The NUS is the largest purchaser of beer in the UK. They get it at a great price because they buy so much, and because they buy it when it's close to it's going off date. This means student beer is cheap, but the chances of it going off are high. We used to sell it once off a lot. Didn't bother the punters and didn't bother any of us who helped ourselves either.

Oh, and my housemate worked in Maccy D's for a while. She sad that when she used to get in in the mornings she'd switch on the milkshake machine and give it a stir to just fold in the mould that had grown over night.
(, Fri 21 Jul 2006, 14:52, Reply)

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