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This is a question Your Revenge Stories

We want to hear your tales of revenge. From sewing prawns in your lovers curtains to advertising your bosses job in the newspaper. What have you done? Confess! Confess now!

(, Fri 14 May 2004, 1:02)
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A mate's girlfriend was attacked by a bloke ...
but there wasn't enough evidence to get the police involved. So, we decided to take the law in to our own hands.

He had a nice new car and being a chemistry student at the time I picked up some bits and pieces from the lab. I placed some iron filings and granulated aluminium on the bonnet of his car. Put in a magnesium ribbon for a fuse and lit it.

The reaction of the two metals is used to fuse rail tracks together and any metal it comes into contact with adds to the reaction.

The outcome of the 'experiment' was a hole (about 6in in diameter) in his bonnet which went through his engine block, through the tarmac and about 8 inches into the earth below.

That was my small contribution to a campaign of revenge that lasted for years.
(, Fri 14 May 2004, 11:46, Reply)

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