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This is a question Road Rage

Last week I had to stop a guy attacking another one in the middle of the road - one had run the lights whilst on the phone and the other had objected. I actually had to take the attacker's car keys out of their car and tell him he wasn't getting them back till he calmed down.

Looking back on it, I was lucky I was feeling all parental and in control or the situation could have panned out very differently.

Have you lost it on the roads, or have you been on the recieving end of some nutter?

(, Thu 12 Oct 2006, 21:31)
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I had another jumped up prick in a BMW try to kill me today
ok it's not just BMWs, but Audis, bikers, the usual batch of asians driving with their brother in law's licence and the 23IQ pointed prostitutes that seem to have overrun the midlands!

Basicly it boils down to this:
1) I drive a powerful car.
2) I don't want to die.
3) I want to keep the aforementioned car.
4) I like my licence and want to keep that too.

Therefore I adhere to these very simple rules:
>If some-one tail gates: Slow down to the exact speed limit.
>If some-one doesn't indicate: Politely, but loudly warn them that their indicators don't seem to be working.
>If some-one road hogs: Keep distance or pull over, being 10 minutes later doesn't usually cause many problems (besides, it's your fault for leaving late ... as I usually do!)
>If you get cut up: Flash your lights and then leave plenty of room.

There will always be pricks out there, but at the end of the day, their crime is their punishment. While I've sold on my 3rd car in prime condition and I'm looking at getting my 500bhp Subaru Legacy limited edition twin turbo(should be after christmas) those twunts will be sitting in very close proximity to a lamp post wondering how they could have been so stupid.

Laugh, aplaud, but don't wind yourself up. They'll do it to the wrong person one day!
(plus I tend to find my rules wind them up more than shouting and bad language)
(, Tue 17 Oct 2006, 16:59, Reply)

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