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This is a question Running away

Two friends ran away from boarding school. They didn't get too far though - they forgot to check when the last train ran. A teacher found them sitting waiting and drove them back again.

That said, it's not just a thing kids do - the urge to just run is built into all of us. Tell us about the times you've given in and run.

(, Fri 11 Aug 2006, 13:03)
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Crawling away
I don't remember this but have had it recounted to me many, many times.

We have a long back garden with a garage that runs the length of it. There is a gap that a person can squeeze through between said garage and next door's garage but it's overgrown with thistles and weeds so it's impassable - or so my parent's thought.

My mum was busy preparing dinner when the doorbell goes. She answers the door to find this man standing there with her baby girl saying
"Is this yours?". Somehow her baby which had been playing happily in the back garden had crawled between the two garages, over weeds and thistles, up the driveway and into the middle of the road whereupon a bloke driving along the road has seen the baby, stopped and gone around the houses trying to find the parents.

Then there was the time I fell asleep in my toybox with the lid down for a few hours. The house is searched, up and down the road neighbours are looking for me and the police are about to be called when I emerge none the wiser. OK I didn't actually run away but everyone thought I did!

I say to you what I said to my ex boyfriend. "Length? There's barely anything there!"
(, Fri 11 Aug 2006, 14:36, Reply)

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