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This is a question Scars with history

You've all got scars: they're nature's little reminders not to be so damned stupid next time. My favourite is the 1/4" round hole in the back of my right hand, created when I was 7 by my best friend putting a manure-covered gardening fork "away".

Tell us the stories behind your scars. With photos if possible.

(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 10:00)
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And another from me:
I have a scar right in the middle of that bit right under my nose (the bit where people with cleft palates get that funky split) running nose-to-lip from when I slipped on a Hot Wheels car at a friend's house and landed face first on something, but no-one seems to know what, even those there at the time. All I remember is blacking out mid-air, then coming to in the car four kilometers away bawling my eyes out on the way to the hospital. Since this was well before puberty, I have been and forever will be unable to grow one of those funky Hitler moustaches, or even a full moustache of any sort. Poop.

By the way: Can you stupid fuckpigs replying to people's comments BLOODY STOP DOING IT HERE, YOU KEEP FUCKING THE PLACE UP.
(, Mon 7 Feb 2005, 17:47, Reply)

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