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This is a question Scars with history

You've all got scars: they're nature's little reminders not to be so damned stupid next time. My favourite is the 1/4" round hole in the back of my right hand, created when I was 7 by my best friend putting a manure-covered gardening fork "away".

Tell us the stories behind your scars. With photos if possible.

(, Fri 4 Feb 2005, 10:00)
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nails in knee
when i was 8 yrs or something, me and my 3 yr older nephew started to fight. He was stronger than me and eventually he won by pushing so i fell. I landed with my knee on a wooden plank wich had nails in it. One nail penetrated skin, flesh and bone. Luckily no long-term damage, My first reflex was running off to my parents, with that wooden plank nailed in the knee
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 16:15, Reply)
i've got three circular scars on my right knee
i got them when i was about 8.

we were playing football at school. i was in goal and i dived to save a ball. i was like a young peter bonetti.

unfortunately andrew bolton carried on sliding for the ball and put his boot studs into my leg.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 16:00, Reply)
a friend
cut his hand off in a saw mill... blade went striaght thru just behind the knuckles

it was sown back on

obviously he got quite a big scar from that

weirdly he's got just as large a scar on the back of his head. this wasn't a scar from a wound per se, but the result of being on a metal operating table for 15 hours.

looks like brain surgery. fucking mental. pun intended.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 15:47, Reply)
i have an...
inch wide crescent shaped scar on my forehead, after, in a drunken state, i was bet that i couldn't smash a newcastle brown bottle on my head.

i could, but only on the fifth attempt.

cue blood and glass everywhere and a somewhat confused next few days due to concussion...

all that for a tenner.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 15:21, Reply)
Remember running too fast downhill...
..then you can't stop. Well I have a scar on my head from when I ran into an oak tree. That wouldn't be so bad but my mum suggested I run. Conspiracy there me thinks...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 14:54, Reply)
pretty nasty
When I was ten we took a little treehouse building shortcut. Steps or a ladder would have been better, but time consuming. We could just as east have a few rusty nails sticking out of the tree to clamber up. All fine until I tried to get down in my spongy trainers, slipped and caught my belly button on one of them.
Yes, wince away.
But I didn't die. Bled quite a bit, though.
Got a very cool scar.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 14:31, Reply)
a day at the swimming pool
i was 13 or 14 yrs. a hot day in summer. My mum took me and my 2 younger brothers to an open-air swimming pool with toboggans. Those fuckers were built on a fence-secured steel structure. If u went under the carrying structure it was a big shortcut for a next turn off the toboggan. I found a hole in the fence, i ran as fast as i could and hit a horizontal steel bar with my head so fucking hard. I drunk-walked randomly through all the sun bathing people, dripping blood on people, on towels
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 14:22, Reply)
Beauty Can Be Painful
I am 24, my sister is 15 and comes to me in tears about how some kid at school made fun of her eyebrows. I look at her bushy eyebrows, making the occasional "uh huh" "yep" "Oh yes we can do something about this".

Touched by her adolescent vulnerability, I offer to help her pluck her eyebrows. She is relieved beyond belief, believing that in a few short minutes, she will be looking like a movie star.

I get a hot washcloth, nice sharp tweezers and some anabasol (numbing gel) and do the prepatory work on her like I am a doctor in the ER. Very efficient. Very smooootttthhh.

Grab the tweezers and instruct my dear sister not to move. She asks, "Is this going to Hurt?" I say, "No, not at all".

With a ferocious grasp on the tweezers, I move in for the follicle kill and pull as hard as I can.

In an unbelievable show of grooming ineptitude, I grabbed her EYELID instead of her eyebrow. Ripped the skin right open.

If I had photographed this touching moment, the next scene would be my bleeding and cursing sister, half-blind, chasing me around the house and cursing - blood running down her face. She now has a memento from this day - a tiny little crescent scar on her eyelid.

This is the same child that asked me to teach her to play softball (I hit her directly in the nose, leaving a nice bump that is still there) and also to cut her hair (I screwed it up very very badly - no scars on that one, though).
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 14:13, Reply)
Hockey IS evil
I got smacked in the face by a team mate going full whack, knocked me out too and lost my front tooth, mother decided to push said tooth back in to mouth before taking me to dentist, was patched together with brace glue and a paperclip.

Eventually got her back though, nice new stick, good for chipping, said girl ended up with concussion as I got her smack in the middle of the forehead with the ball...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 14:00, Reply)
My brother
had a slight 'to-do' last new years eve. As I patched him up I reckon I'm in a position to give the details.
Picture the scene: We (self, brother, sister and her bloke) are in brother's flat getting ready to go out; vodka is flying around and a fair amount is going down our throats. We have tickets to a vodka bar in Bristol. Fast forward a couple of hours during which jugs of champagne, vodka and red bull have been consumed in the bar.
About this point things go a bit hazy... We're still in the bar but little bro has disappeared. As its getting towards chucking-out time we (bro not included) decide to amble back through central Bristol back to the flat. 45 minutes later, then again, it could be 2 hours, we're back at the flat to find brother sitting on the door step holding his ribs.
He doesn't have a clue whats happened but has a nice cut through one of his eyebrows. Could have been on the receiving end of a kicking or stacked it into a lampost.
So end of the night, he (brother) has a sore set of ribs, a fat lip, and a cut eyebrow.

Next morning, he gets up to go to the bathroon and promptly passes out, cue much banging as body comes into contact with bathroom fittings, including walls and radiator. This results in him getting a more severe beating from his bathroom than the chavs/lampost gave him the nights before.
New injuries collected on New Years day:
- split other eyebrow (scar still in evidence 1 year on).
- cuts/scars on either side of throat, dangerously close to jugular.
- scar on back of the head when slumping to the ground.

I'm not saying he's accident prone but this is ONE new year and hes now 28! He's got more drinking injuries than an entire rugby team but thats for another time.

Apologies for length, girth and general long winded-ness.

PS. Sorry no photos but they're vomit inducing.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 13:48, Reply)
scars on 3 limbs
When I was 2 years old I was at my grandma's house in Glasgow. Being independent I was trying to climb up on to bench by the breakfast table. Unfortunately there was a wire hanging down that got caught round my leg. At the other end of the wire was a ceramic coffee percolator. I imagine it really hurt when I pulled it on to my head. It didnt matter though as it was at boiling point when I did it and so one would expect the pain of the badly scolded flesh to have been much worse. Hospital for six weeks, scar from my left shoulder to my forearm, weird sort of skin graft left me with a 'hole' in my elbow, scar in the shape of africa (I'm serious about that) on my left thigh, skin grafting from my right thigh front and back, small bald spots where the hair doesnt grow on my head. If that wasn't bad enough then doctors messed up the graft and left me with a scar across the top of my right leg where they cut way too deep, 21 stiches. The best bit is chicks dig scars, my girl friend loves them. :)
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 13:38, Reply)
Walked into a wall
got a stupid cut on my forehead.

Also got hit by a Golf Club in my cheek. Got a perma-dimple on the left side of my face.

Stupid Scouts...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 13:22, Reply)

Actually nope, you were crucified properly :)

(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 13:03, Reply)
I have died almost three times now, which leads me to believe that someone up there likes me rather a lot.

I once landed on my head during a PE lesson, breaking my neck. I can still remember the grinding noise as I tried to look around afterwards. No damage to the spinal cord though, lucky me.

Been run over by a motor boat, came very very close to being disemboweled by the propeller. I managed to sneak away with a scar on my leg.

Was trapped underwater in my mainsheet after being hit VERY bloody hard in the face by the boom of my Laser dinghy. Managed to untangle myself in time, but came very close.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:59, Reply)
hereditary scar
When I was about 5, I was visiting my grandma's house when I managed to get my hand stuck between the kitchen door and it's frame. My cries of pain resulted in my Dad coming through to see what was wrong, opening the kitchen door and cutting the tip off my index finger in the process.

The doctors managed to stitch it back on but I now have a scar "ring" around the tip of my finger. And the nail grows in a funny shape.

Even more interesting is that my dad has an identical scar, obtained in an identical manner when he got his hand stuck in the same door when he was 5.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:58, Reply)
Goddamn girls sport
I play hockey three times a week and yes, I know what you're thinking, I've heard it all before, but feck me, the game has left me covered in scars.

Right Eyebrow - Some old bidder hit me with his stick in my face as I rounded him with ease. 4 stitches, which they couldn't anesthetise properly. Fucking killed.

Nose - hit in face twice with a rapidly moving ball. Don't ask me how it didn't break, all I know is that there is a bit of a lump there now.

Knees, elbows and knuckles - I'm sure most of you have had an astroburn at some point. I've had that many, it doesn't hurt any more because the nerve endings are fucked. Lots of scars.

Shins - hit in each shin with stick so hard it went through my shinguard and punched a small hole into my skin so that you could see the bone. Got two scars that look like bullet wounds.

Teeth - saved the best till last. Just imagine being hit in the front teeth as hard as someone can swing a baseball bat, but replace the bat with the sharp side of a hockey stick. Ouch. Knocked tooth out, left an abcess on my gums and scarred my top lip. But the worst thing was that I couldn't eat my Christmas dinner; nor anything else for three weeks come to think of it.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:34, Reply)
Yay Scars
3 purdy ones on my wrist from where i had it pierced, and they all came out through the skin - three bars, so there were 6 wee silver balls, nice, but painful when you forget they're there and you try and get beer out of a box, slam your fist on the table, anything like that. They go very purple when im cold.

One on my head from going through this 100m or so tunnel under our local park - pitch black, so when the roof suddenly got 1ft lower, I felt it. That one got superglued up, which was cool - can only see it when my hair's bare short though.

One on my forearm from trying to write 'Davy' (managed DAV)in it with an incence stick. Had just met someone for the first time, we was both tres high, thought we'd remember each other better if we burned names into our arms. Why we did our own names and not each others is a bit of a mystery. Not really distinguishable as text anymore, just as generic discolourment.

Get numerous ones from firespinning (homeofpoi dot com if you dunno what that is) but only 1/3 has/ve really lasted - discovered 3 massive burns on my right arm above the elbow, exactly the same but like 1/2cm away from each other - no idea how they'd got there, as usually I feel even the smallest of burns. I didn't know they'd happened at all and I dunno how I'd have hit myself there once, let alone repeatedly. Just started to sting a few minutes after spinning.

One on my knee from trying an 'overhead kick' slightly too close to one corner of my house - only time I've had stitches, looked gross for quite some time.

Doubt any but the piercings would show up on camera nicely, will try put a pic up when I get home, or email me if you'd like a see (weirdo.)

Appologies for having such a moleste cock.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:26, Reply)
washing machines are dangerous...
The door jammed on the washing machine in my old flat. As the machine was in the bathroom, the switch for power supply was outside the room. Being in a well refreshed state after a few beers, I started the usual door-unjamming procedure, and unscrewed the top of the machine, and reached inside to open the door. The mild electric shock caused my arm to spasm out of the machine, gashing it nicely on the casing - and gifting me a 3 inch scar on the left forearm. Didn't get any blood on the washing, though :)

Not as impresive as the one from the operation to screw my left shoulder back together after a bike accident, but much more embarassing...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:18, Reply)
me and my monkey have matching scars
Mine is from slipping on a big fat greasy chip in front of miss millie's on Halloween, as I was running to get in before they closed - dressed as a geisha, i stood up from my 'trip' and the nice chicken lady, looking at the river of blood pouring down my death-white throat, promptly locked the door in my face.

My man, on the other hand, was at a bad-taste party dressed in a fascinating concoction of cut-off ski trouser bottoms attached with tape to black calvins and a pink tank top... and while attempting to do the caterpillar during the breakdance competition, slipped and smacked his chin on the floor. We spent three hours waiting in the emergency room and in the end the doctor looked in, ran out laughing, brought in his colleague and all nurses on duty, and in the end stuck a plaster on it. Took a while for us to convince him there were no drugs involved and that we were just ver, ver drunk.

The worst thing is that here, your employer pays all your accident medical bills, and he got a call from his agency lady trying to hold back the giggles as she read the report stating 'mr... slipped whilst partaking in a break-dancing competition. This resulted in a 2cm cut on his chin'...

No photos of the scar, but here is my my man in the ER, and on the left is a friend of ours playing with the rubber gloves we stole from the hospital...


The friend on the left also has a little ferre-bite style scar on his nose from head-butting a wineglass...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 12:01, Reply)
Oh yeah. 'Nother one
I was having a shave this morning and noticed the nasty scar above my left eye at the top of the eyelid below the eyebrow.

Got it playing rugby, got kicked in the head and wondered why my left eye was warm and I couldn't blink. That'd be because my left eyelid was somewhat detached and I was in effect looking through a bleeding (literally) great hole in it near the top.

I also broke my neck playing rugby. I gave up after that. Never did really like the game.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 11:35, Reply)
Cue Jesus Scar
One time I was hopping a fence and I fell and the sharp tops of those chainlink fences yeah, they went through my wrists. I couldn't push myself up because my feet didn't reach the ground and I sure as hell wasn't going to flex my arms. So my dad had to come and unhook me.


(Tho brother Jesus had his through the palms of his hands, not under his wrists.)
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 11:15, Reply)
Forking Hell!!
I fell of my chair at the dinner table when I was 7.

I now have a scar on the top of my head where my fork decided to embed itself.

I think it might explain my mental state in later years.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 10:47, Reply)
When I was a wee lad me and my friend had one of those push along scooters each, cue both of us having a race from the top of my road down to the bottom (a very large hill). Right at the bottom I hit a rather large stone, over the top, landed nose first. Me then rushed to hospital with grit in my nose and spending the rest of the week with a nose that went incredible hulk green. Nice scar though. Sorry for lenth, i'm new. Be gentle
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 10:41, Reply)
I have two interesting ones
1 from when I had a mole hacked off my leg in hospital, then decided to go swimming before the wound had healed. Cue 3 weeks of pus and a large purple scar bigger than the original mole. The 2nd was from when I was 12 and ran through, not under, a badminton net. My glasses got caught in it and a bit of metal on them slashed up my forehead. No longer really visible now, but got "harry potter" jokes for ages
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 10:34, Reply)
As some of you might know
I went to boarding school(I'm not gay!).at this school,most of us quite liked fishing and two of us were actually good at it(me and beaudon).anyway,one of the four people who were bad at it (nathan) was using his dad's shark fishing rod for some reason while the other three (rodney,carlo and sam) were setting up thier tackle.so,all of us start casting off except for rodney,who's still struggling with his bait and then we hear a scream.

turn's out,nathan had gone to cast and his hook had gone through rodney's bottom lip,come out of it,the torn through his top lip! i think he said it was seven stitches and at the end of the year his lip still hadn't healed so i can't be sure if it scarred.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 8:29, Reply)
Some more...
I got a big nasty one on my knee, which I got when I was seven, where i was racing my sister to a gap in the school fence. I managed to trip over her ankles, and landed straight down on the horrible gritty carpark ground. Cue my mum running up and going straight to my sister, who was moaning about how I'd "hurt her ankle". Mum gets all "how dare he!" and turns to me, lying prone on the ground, rolls me over, and starts to berate me for injuring my sis, before glancing down to my knee, which had a rock...an actual rock...embedded in it. Blood pouring down my leg, I get rushed to casualty, but then wussed out of stitches, and was left with a moleste scar on my knee...I was most pissed off though, with the fact that I couldnt go to the seaside, which is why I was running in the first place...
Oh yeah...when I got to casualty, guess what they used to clean out my gaping wound???...No idea...

A toothbrush. A whacking great TOOTHBRUSH. Cue friendly (and rather attractive, in retrospect) nurse scrubbing away merrily at my wound, trying desperately to stop me from kicking her to get away from the damned thing. Still got the toothbrush, and the rock though....

Another one in my arm, about an inch long, which was caused by glass falling out of the sky, into my arm, in a field, in the middle of nowhere (seriously, we were 5 miles away from the nearest road...) We were walking to a campsite, and the path followed the river at the bottom of a steep valley. We'd heard some shots earlier, but since the camp we were going to had clay pigeon shooting, we didnt make anything of it...Anyhoo, we were sat eating lunch and I'm suddenly aware of a searing pain in my right arm...I look down, and theres a four inch piece of glass embedded in my arm. Some guy had been firing his gun at bottles on his wall, firing into the valley...I got soooo much compensation for that....
And some more on my back, from getting some moles removed, but if I tell girls I got shot...heh, scars are sexy!

Also, friend'o'mine, goes by the name of Dave, proper mental he is, once had METALLICA carved in his arm, whilst he was lying pissed/stoned/high on the floor...He also introduced himself to an entire college year (about 2000 people) by saying he once got a pen stuck up his arse, and did they want to see the scar...he explained this away by saying he'd had a bath, and had sat on a pen his sister left on his bed...we spent many a long free period discussing the physics behind this...and decided he was just a bit of a bummer...

No apologies for length, but girth...well now, thats a WHOLE different matter...
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 7:43, Reply)
When I was about 8, I walked up to the neighbors as they were taking their German shephard for a walk. I tried to pet it, and it bit my face. I've a tiny scar on my lower lip from it's tooth going straight through and clicking mine. This is about the point where I realized not all dogs are friendly.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 5:13, Reply)
Paper cut

(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 3:16, Reply)
Hmmm, lessee.
one in the center of my head, in between my eyes.

youngish, about 4 or 5 i was walking on a wall, and fell off. corner of wall + head = pain + scarring.

one on the side of my head about 1/4 of a CM from my temple playing some bastardised version of warhammer when i was about 8 or 9. we didn't use boards. or warhammers. we used bricks.

come to clearing away the 'set', cue brick hurtling towards me. running around with blood pouring everywhere before collapsing on the floor.

it was ok though, my mate's mum looked after me. she was pretty fit.

OH, i also have a big red mark on my wrist. no idea where it came from. apparantly wasn't there at birth.

i vaigly remember burning myself on a defunkt kettle, but i'm pretty sure i didn't have the mark acfter that. maybe it's the sign i'm the second coming.
(, Tue 8 Feb 2005, 3:09, Reply)

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