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This is a question Scary Neighbours

My immediate neighbours are lovely. But the next house down from that? Crimminy biscuits - he's a 70 year old taxi driver who loves to tell me at length about the people he's put in hospital and how Soho is "run by Maltese ponces." How scary are your neighbours?

(, Thu 25 Aug 2005, 13:20)
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Now for a tale of my scary neighbours:
I used to live in a crap town called St. Neots.

And about 2 years ago new neighbours moved in, they constantly bitched at each other, constant shouting in the morning, and then when they got back from work. They decided to take all the grass etc. out of the back garden and replace it with gravel / stone slab thingeybobs.

I decided I wanted to get my own back by being as loud as possible and in general a tosser; after a week they came round (the woman in tears) and asked to be friends.
(, Thu 25 Aug 2005, 13:30, Reply)

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