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This is a question Schadenfreude

There's nothing like administering first aid to cyclist who has just spanged into the back of a milk float when you have tears of laughter running down your face. The world is just one long episode of You've Been Framed - when have you laughed at the misfortune of others?

Suggested by althechristmasgeordie

(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 12:05)
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Worst. Date. Ever.
Had arranged to go for a drink with this girl I worked with a few years back - I thought it would be good to catch up, and she was fairly attractive. She organised the venue - a restaurant with an upstairs lounge/bar and dimmed mood lighting. All very posh.

What she hadn't told me was that in the last 3 years her eyesight had diminished to the point where she had a real problem adjusting to transitions from light to dark etc, effectively causing her blindness for a few minutes at a time when entering/exiting buildings.

We found the bar and went inside. The waitress took our booking and asked us to "follow her". I led the way, following the waitress down a dark corridor to a set of stairs and went up. Halfway there I heard a terrific crashing sound and (as a typical bloke) carried on regardless.

Got to the top only to find we had lost my date somewhere along the way. Turns out she completely missed the corridor and had stumbled blindly into the main restaurant straight into some diner's table knocking their cutlery, drinks and food flying.
When she finally made it upstairs, she managed to sit down on a low table (rather than the soft chairs next to it). If that wasn't bad enough, she sat down on the table right where a small (lit) candle had been placed and shot up rapidly with her arse on fire.

Could have gone better I thought.
(, Thu 24 Dec 2009, 16:21, Reply)

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