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This is a question School Days

"The best years of our lives," somebody lied. Tell us the funniest thing that ever happened at school.

(, Thu 29 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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Sony Bravia?
A while back, there was an advert for Sony Bravia featuring a load of balls bouncing down a hill. I saw it, and forgot about it.

A few years on, it's time to leave school. It is traditional for the outgoing year to cause some kind of mayhem, though in recent years this has been progressively stamped out. This, thought the school, would be the end of it.

They tried to bribe us.
They threatened us with not being able to sit exams.
They Threatened us with arrest if we broke in.
They hired security with BIG damn dogs to reinforce this last.

So we had to be more creative. I remembered that advert, and obtained some bouncy balls, five hundred in total. I would drop them from a window, and run away.

Meanwhile, everyone else had planned a rather large coordinated raid, complete with boiler suits, smoke grenades, eggs, balaclavas and water pistols.

Oh and someone else, having heard of my plan, got a quid from everyone in the year and added five thousand bouncy balls to my five hundred.

The results were impressive - balls everywhere, an explosion of colour, as 5500 of the things bounced and rolled over a car park filled with children (and be-boilersuited bastards with most of the ingredients for a cake in throwable form.)

Speaking to a teacher a few weeks later, I found out that my plan had worked exactly as planned.

I had planned it to be funny - it was. I had planned it to be self cleaning - every child in the school picked up three or four bouncy balls.

I had planned for it to get progressively more annoying as the week went on - see above. Apparently no staff member could turn around for about a month without having a small rubber ball bounced off his head.
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 11:36, 2 replies)

You, sir, are a genius!
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 14:58, closed)
You think that's impressive?
You should have seen when he set off the massive paint-cannons, coating the entire school in a technicolour rainbow and causing a wave of groans at "overcome by emulsion" jokes.

Just don't ask him about the day after he watched Crimewatch...
(, Mon 2 Feb 2009, 16:31, closed)

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