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This is a question School Naughtiness

The B3ta Confessional is open. What was the naughtiest thing you ever did at school?

(, Thu 8 Sep 2011, 12:55)
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umm, let me make a list
1. Bridging a 3-pin socket with a paper clip in science class and shorting out the whole block whilst turning the paper clip into molten evil.
2. Barricading the door to the music practice room with an upright piano so the class bike could show 6 horny teenage boys her 'rat'.
3. Filling the school pool with 100+ orange flashing lights stolen from nearby roadworks.
4. Stealing all the door wedges from school, stealing the replacements made by the CDT department, then moving the next batch (labelled by the teachers as their own) between rooms leading to arguments amongst staff, and finally sending a ransom note with part of a door wedge and a picture of one with a gun to it's 'head' to the headmaster calling for freedom of doors to swing to and fro.
5. Replacing the 5 mph road signs with sheep road signs.
6. Making a crime scene complete with painted body outline and police tape in the headmasters parking space, then letting a first year, who was telling everyone he did it, take the blame.
7. Using a ouija board in history class and using to say that the teacher would be murdered, leading him to run out screaming, and whilst he was out, filling his filing cabinet with water and throwing the chairs out the window.

Etc etc. It's amazing I got any sort of education at all.
P.S. My school has since been demolished.
(, Fri 9 Sep 2011, 1:39, 3 replies)
"P.S. My school has since been demolished."
Were you subsequently charged?
(, Fri 9 Sep 2011, 2:14, closed)
Yeah, actually destroying your school may be taking things a little too far.
just saying, like.
(, Fri 9 Sep 2011, 7:48, closed)
Replacing the 5 mph road signs with sheep road signs.
The deaths of hundreds of sheep motorists us on your hands you utter contemptible bastard
(, Fri 9 Sep 2011, 12:12, closed)

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