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This is a question School Trips

Get left behind? Go somewhere utterly amazing? Get bollocked by a lardy coach driver? Find out the school nurse was secretly bonking the Geography teacher? All these and more on just one five day trip to the Dorset coast. Whahey!

Tell us how your school trip spiralled out of control.

(, Thu 7 Dec 2006, 10:37)
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unintentional animal activist
I only vaguely remember this but my dad takes great delight in relating this story to anyone that will listen.

I went on a school trip to London Zoo when I was five and after spending a few minutes in the kiddies petting zoo I stood by the gate and rather matter of factly declared that
"I'm letting them out now!" and flung open the gate. I have no idea what prompted this act but i've been told it was conducted with considerable panache and not one iota of doubt that it was an entirely appropriate thing to do.

I had only a few seconds to enjoy my triumph as I was immediately bowled over by a furry stampede of goats, rabbits chickens and guinea pigs hell bent on seizing their chance for freedom.

Being a small boy the novelty of watching these animals fleeing in all directions was soon replaced with and intense interest in a small pile of poo I had narowly missed falling into and I have to confess that with my newfound distraction I became utterly oblivious to the chaos I had unleashed.

I've been told that it took nearly 3 days to locate most of the animals and several guinea pigs were never recovered. My dad got a severe bollocking from the head warden as a result. (heh heh)

It pleases me to think that I may have been responsible for the creation of a feral sub-species of guinea pig which to this day prowls the dandelions of regents park.
(, Thu 7 Dec 2006, 17:30, Reply)

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