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This is a question School Trips

Get left behind? Go somewhere utterly amazing? Get bollocked by a lardy coach driver? Find out the school nurse was secretly bonking the Geography teacher? All these and more on just one five day trip to the Dorset coast. Whahey!

Tell us how your school trip spiralled out of control.

(, Thu 7 Dec 2006, 10:37)
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Evil happened while our class went ice skating
We went ice skating at the Acacia Ridge Rink in Brisbane. Somebody got onto our bus while we were skating and did a big smelly poo in the aisle down the back. I heard one of the big girls say it looked like an irish stew.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 11:22, Reply)
History, Geography, French…
They always got the glory of having school trips, but in my final year, our D.T teachers decided to redress the balance and take the two woodwork classes to a local engineering firm.

The two classes weren’t split in terms of intelligence or aptitude, simply on a violence threshold. I was in the (slightly) less violent class and we made the trip in the morning, with the loonies in the second class to follow in the afternoon. We traipsed over fields, and on the way worked ourselves into the usual merry frenzy a trip brings.

Thus begun one of the most boring/ hilarious hours of my life. The trip itself was tedious beyond belief (having C.A.D machines demonstrated in FULL detail). One of the head guys showing us round insisted on explaining these new fangled “computers” to us (it was 1998) as though we were from the middle ages, and kept referring to disks as “diskettes” thus prompting the parroting from one of our number “biscuits, biscuits?? Where’s the biscuits??”

This idiocy continued; a few morons causing the rest of us to cry out in laughter every 30 seconds by humping the lathes and pressing lots of buttons (causing the loss of at least one weeks work and several hundreds of pounds worth of materials if memory serves) until we were eventually chucked out early and severely bollocked by the teacher (who looked like Zangief) and the engineers for taking the piss.

The highlight of the visit from the second class was when one lad (Nicky) decided that one of the expensive moulds he was shown would make a nice ring so pocketed it. It was worth a few grand and the police were later summoned.

A letter was subsequently sent to the school from the engineers stating that we were NEVER to visit them again, and that they would refuse apprenticeships to anyone applying from our school in the future.

This is my first post, so I apologise for my gargantuan length but bear in mind, when visiting the U.S, I have to maintain a concealed weapon license in all 50 states in order to legally wear pants.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 11:14, Reply)
school ski trip stories, some high(low)lights
first ever ski trip aged 12ish to some wank resort in switzerland, 60 boys - 9 broken arms and a broken rib, school never did take snowboarders again.

a year or so later school decides a ski trip to usa is needed. 30odd of us somehow managed to stay in this Pimp Daddy Hotel
alonth with some scottish school, this place was brand new, not by the end of the trip.

On same trip the Deputy Head and his wife were heard having a massive arguement/rough sex depending on who you believe, next morning she is sporting the biggest shinner imaginable.

6th form ski trip only 6 sixth formers went, the rest were yr11 twunts. Head of sixth form brings his rather attractive girlfriend along. Someone takes to "shaking it like you just don't care" in order to impress this hottie. Teacher doesnt like this and turfs him out of the club in a t-shirt and wouldnt let him back in.

length? some say its a blessing, others a curse
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 10:52, Reply)
7/10 school trips never get further than calais and cite europe. FACT!
Normally it's kids who get lost or left behind, but on one memorable trip my History teacher failed to return, turns out he had a heated and violent bout of fisticuffs with a typically incompetent french driver and ended up spendind a night in a cell in Calais. God knows how he kept his job.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 10:45, Reply)
And the second one...
...was to an undisclosed European location. One evening one of the boys rolled a joint and passed it around. I can't say too much as I liked our teacher a lot and he might not be dead yet, so I don't want him to get into trouble after all this time; he might not even have inhaled anyway.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 10:44, Reply)
When I was at school...
... well there were two trips I remember with fondant happiness.

The first was to Paris, accompanied by the French teacher, his wife and the Art teacher. The Art teacher was a perv and had his eye on the French teacher's wife so they spent their time avoiding each other while we did what we liked, which included puking up all over the hotel, mass fare-dodging on the Paris metro, walking out of the school-sanctioned restaurant (because it was shit) and going to another one of our choice, chilling Tetrapaks of plonk in the bidets and finally having a nice game of sticky fingers with a girls' school which turned up in the same hotel.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 10:43, Reply)
Reception trip to a nursery
(the plant sort.)
The teachers decided to take us there on the bus instead of walking or getting a coach or whatever. So we all file down to the nearest bus stop and when a bus pulls up, pile on.
'That's just two to [wherever it actually was] please.'
'And the kids?'
'Oh, they're all under five. They get on free, right?'
There were about 60 of us.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 10:04, Reply)
For ski's a jolly good fellow...
I went to a fairly posh boarding school; I was a day pupil and common as you like, so therefore had no friends. So what possessed me to go on the school skiing trip is beyond me.

All the way there, there’s a braying upper class drone going on in the background. “Daddy took me skiing when I was three, we’ve got a chalet in Colorado, Daddy says I’m good enough to go down a black run, Daddy’s going to buy me a unicorn…” etc, etc. And it’s all from the same bloke. When we arrive, I’m so sick of the sound of him, that I opt out of the evening’s entertainment (a Treasure Hunt – look, we were only about 9) and go to bed.

Next morning, suspicious lack of posh boy white noise. Turned out Daddy was going to have to pay for his errant offspring to be airlifted back to the UK as the inbred twat had fallen down the stairs 30 seconds after checking into the hotel and broken his leg in three places.

I had quite a pleasant week after that.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:54, Reply)
YMCA trip
Me and a mate of mine when we were 20, had a mate who used to take groups of schoolkids on YMCA skiing trips. 2 days, heavily discounted - we blagged our way on and did our usual thing of finding tghe nearest pub in the evening and absconding for a bit of a sesh. Arrived back to accommodation, off our nuts and woke the whole house up - proceeded to rip the piss out of a kid who was homesick as well and throw up a lot outside the front door.....great skiing though, never invited back!
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:54, Reply)
er, trainee teachers....
a residential trip; it was 3a.m, after being in the bar until 12 we went to S's room and started on the case of beer and bottles of vodka there. I had a chuckle box and thought it might be fun to invite others to the party-esp. the uptight gonna be maths/geography types.
B a plumbing to be teacher decided to show us how to remove radiators safely.
P & T 'found' extinguishers and needed to recreate fight scenes.
F was found in the toilet with his hands in S's knickers(-she was still wearing them) then threw up (closet gay, we reckoned) a fight ensued because of: S's knicker invasion-started by N, who being S's adulterous lover did not enjoy the cuckolding....B who did not appreciate being ignored with his leaky rads and everyone else: being pissed off with foam in their drinks.
it was a silly fight, none of us could get a good swing due to the booze consumed & foam & water on the floors.
We were ALL called into the office the next morning and candidly advised to grow up or lose our chance at qualification.
amongst that group are now three heads of Dept. two school heads, one plumbers merchant and more than a couple of divotces. Top night!
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:48, Reply)
Ohhhh Mrs Coote...
We went on a school camping trip to somewhere horrible in Wales, and in the middle of the night everyone was woken up to the sound of someone being told off (very loudly) for being out of their tent so late. Not to miss out on a good bollocking, everyone poked their heads out of their tents to watch the show..... only to see our teacher drunkenly berating a bin for being out of its tent. We went sailing the next day and she got hit in the head with a boom. Hehehehe.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:37, Reply)
bus trip around Moscow
first thing - loaded a sports bag with so called "frizbee cola" - mix of vodka/cola
2 miles left till Kremlin - first "throw up" alert
Kremlin - half of "alcotourists" on "about to vomit right here right now" state, scary as lots of militia, foreigners, army, Lenin in Mausoleum
Moscow Vorobievy Hills, fine view over 7 sisters and rest - 80% of alcotourists are throwing up
final performance - the school "beauty queen", stunning blonde, wearing a next to nothing on dress, is falling out of the coach face down, gets up and yells: "where are the bloody toilets????"
we were 15
no more bus trips for anyone for 3 years afterwards
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:18, Reply)
paintballing back in 2004 with my college course
not exactly school but two years ago when i was still in swansea college doing IT, my tutor anne decided that she wanted take us paintballing to learn about 'team work' or some bollocks like that. out of the whole class only one person didn't go (he was a shy git who didn't really talk to anyone). i went for sole reason that kelly, the girl i fancied at the time was going and i was hoping to shoot something other than paintballs. unfortunatly, fuck all happened with her but this story isn't really about her. right, kelly was on my team along with rory the class goth/emo and the two disabled guys terry and richard (terry is half-blind and richard is in a wheelchair but can walk a little bit) there were some more but i can't remember who.

begin round one and we get annialated pretty much after five minutes, i get shot in the arm and leg which quite frankly fucking hurt. but then all of a sudden i hear an almighty crack sound and a scream and turn around to see that terry just got shot straight in the head and is bleeding pretty bad (remember he's half-blind and i gotta be honest i laughed my ass about it to which i'mpromtly going to hell for). so he gets treated to by the guys runnung the place and we have a breather before round two. i decide to buy 200 paintballs so that, to quote myself "victory will be mine".

begin round two and i'm shooting paintballs at anything that moved in my sight screaming "i'll cry when i've done killin'" from that advert from gta: vice city. i see someone move in front of me and i promtly shoot him in the leg, then i realised that i shot rory to which he calls me a prick. i then heard my tutor shout "you fucking bastard" as she got shot in the face and we got beaten again (i found out later that simon, the guy who hated anne shot her which made his day).

end of round two and we are all walking back to 'base', saquib (or zack as we all called him) was pushing richard in his wheelchair when somehow he fell forwards with his hands still on the wheelchair handle bars which causes richard to do a wheelie and fall backwards which made me literally almost piss myself laughing. round three was pretty much the same as the other rounds, my team gets beaten yet again and i get shot on the side of my face which fucking hurt.

here's a group photo of all of us before we went to battle, anyone who can guess which one is me gets the next two minutes off work*

length? kelly would have appreciated it and so should you

*may not be true
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 9:16, Reply)
York Dungeons
During a return trip from York Dungeons, the coach breaks down and we are stuck in a service station car park for 2 hours. As we haven't eaten in a while, the school treats us to one burger each from the McDonald's inside. As one of our peers is a diabetic, he is allowed to have a whole, large meal. This enrages an other student, who in an angry outburst shouts; "He's diabetic?? The lucky sod!!"
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 8:59, Reply)
trip to Ireland... sorry for the length, but it is funny
Last summer, I took a three week college course in Ireland along with 15 or so other students/friends. Well, two weeks into the trip, we all had to give a ten minute speech to pretty much everyone important we had met during our stay. Majority of us (students) ranged from 19 to 25 years old and whoever was catering the thing decided to put the free wine bottles on our table. Needless to say, we all had been drinking wine throughout the day as we wrote our speeches and were pretty happy and flushed by the time we had to give our speeches and were even happier to see the free wine on our table.... I was up to glass number 4 by the time I gave my speech..... so, I gave the speech, drank 3 more glasses, and then the event was over. Then the stories started.... aparently, one of the other girls snuck out the window in the women's restroom to avoid everyone and to go back to her hotel room. I needed help back to my room (I was sharing the same room with the other girl too) but as soon as I was there, I tossed off my dress put on my pj's and went back down stairs. Since no one saw me change, but did see my dress on the ground, everyone started saying that I ran off somewhere in my underwear..... not so, I wasn't that out of it. But the next day, the rumors were still flying, I had no hangover what so ever despite the fact that I was one of the drunkest that night, but the window girl did, as well as one other girl....... the three of us were the most fried that previous night...... I was lucky I suppose =)
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 5:13, Reply)
On a ski trip back in year 10
one of the lads in my room managed to bag himself a swiss porn mag. The whole room was really chuffed to have this rare prize until some unknown idiot "lost" it.
I still have it somewhere in the loft.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 4:51, Reply)
France, Belgium and Holland mayhem.
Our French class provided us with a four day school trip to centre parcs in er... Belgium. We also visited Holland.

Our ferry trip over was pretty uneventful apart from three or four kids vomiting intensly over the rail and turning green, whilst some of the naughty kids indulged in a bit of petty shop lifting to pass the time.

The rest of the trip consisted of:

Eating boiled eggs in france. Lots of boiled eggs.

Seeing how many kids we could get into a waterslide. I remember flying down the tube and smashing my nose into the back of another kids head and getting stuck in the queue, if the pain and claustrophobia wasn't enough,I was then sliced in the back by a girl's sharp toenails as she bulleted into my back. I eventually got out.

Some of the kids managed to buy bottles of beer, divers knives, starter pistols and the like. They stashed the beer outside their windows in the hedge. Unfortunately, word must have gotten around to the teachers as they confiscated the booze.
Luckily, one kid discovered a crate had been left (unseen by adult eyes..
So,One night we dared a few of the kids to drink the beer... we then watched as they ran amok across the campus, drunk and noisy and staggering about.

The very next morning, somebody pointed out that the beer was non-alcoholic. The 'drunkards' were nothing of the sort. Just the placebo effect in action.
Clever teachers eh?

One kid was cautioned for firing his starter pistol in the street.

Some kids stole porn from Holland.

Some kids stole Chocolate from Belgium and was caught and cautioned.

I and three other lads decided to hire out some bikes and we didn't need to show our passports or anything, but we had to stay inside the campus... so we promptly cycled out of the gates and decided to explore the neighbourhood. Three miles down the road, we realise we are lost. So we dumped the bikes under a bridge and caught the bus back to centre parcs. I swore I would one day return and claim my bike, but now i realise it would be very strange, considering i'm now 25 and have no need for a foreign childs bike.

We also thought we would be dead cool and try and smuggle the divers knives and starter pistol back to england, inside hollowed out baguettes. We didn't realise we wouldn't get seached... kinda lost the magic of smuggling really, made it too easy.

I'm sure there's lots more I've forgotten.

T3h L3ngth j0k3!!!111!!!!111!!!!111 ect.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 3:43, Reply)
College trip...
Somehow all my school trips were sedate affairs, and we never really got into any trouble. About the height of excitement was a pidgeon with a broken wing at Chepstow Castle.

I digress...

By the time I'd reached 6th form college, I was a regular dope fiend. Total space cadet. So finding many good crops of mushrooms locally was a boon, and sod paying for weed. As all my money was spent on booze and transport to the nearest town with nightlife, I used to take a packed lunch. After eating, the lunchbox would be filled with mushrooms for later consumption in the comfort of my own home.

Eventually, I couldn't resist, and snaffled a good handful before afternoon lectures. They kicked in midway through french, and I ended up sat staring at the patterned carpet which had become a rolling sea. Out of nerves, I sat gripping my chair tightly in case it was going to capsize. Somehow I managed to get through the entire lesson, and even spoke pretty good french when spoken to. I was absolutely convinced I was going to be sussed out, but I wasn't.

That was my notable college trip. I stuck to only doing 'shrooms at home from then on.

It may be short, but you love it.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 1:04, Reply)
Ah. Amsterdam.
A couple of years ago when I was doing Graphics at college, the teachers decided it would be a good idea to take a bunch of 16-19 year old students to Amsterdam on the pretence of artistic merits.

At this time I was a naive 16 year old and very innocent. Me and my mate Chrissie didn't know anybody else on the trip so got stuck in a room with a suicidal bint, a couple of chavettes and a crack whore who drew her own eyebrows on. On the first night of having to stay in this shithole, I opted to stay in the room with Chrissie. This got us the reputation of being lesbians, which lasted for the next two years.

Anyway on the second night crack whore and suicidal bint persuaded us to come out drinking. I try my first ever half pint of lager and decide I hate it. Chrissie hates hers too so I drink the rest of it. We decide to go back to schoolgirl friendly Bacardi Breezers. After about two of these I'm conviced I'm trashed and we all head out to a gay bar called the Camp Cafe where I proceed to knock over several glasses of wine and get a lot more drunk. I don't remember the next part, but I did manage to stab myself with a load of badges and convince myself it was a wasp, and apparently I was having problems sitting on a leather seat. When we got back to the hotel we went to the club downstairs, passing the teachers (who were sitting in the bar, pissed) with a cheery wave. Then I sort of hit my limit and fell over the side with a plop, cried my eyes out and ended up getting off with suicidal bint. (My first proper kiss, too)

Then some girl collapsed and everyone said she'd taken ecstasy.

The rest of the trip followed the same sort of format, with my excessively psycho teacher getting stoned and becoming overexcited about tulips, me getting stoned in a cafe accidentally and refusing to go in the industrial lift which had moving walls and grease stains that looked like blood. (So everyone had to walk down 11 floors) and the whole hotel getting hotboxed so as you walked up each flight of stairs you got progressively more lightheaded.

Oh, and on the way back, teachers tried to scare us with stories of rubber gloves, sniffer dogs etc... didn't get asked a thing. Guy in my class smuggled some weed back purely accidentally. One of the chavettes cried rape. All in all, the decision was that that college will never to go back to Amsterdam again. I like to think I played my part.
(, Tue 12 Dec 2006, 0:08, Reply)
Not quite a school trip
but at the age of 15 several kids from the local church youth group went to Austria for... God knows why.

One day they decided we were all going to a "dry taboggan run" read as half a concrete pipe down a hill with little skateboards to sit on. One guy's hat comes flying off and causing another girl's "skateboard" to fly off the track and break her arm. Being the prepared lot they were they had absolutely no first aid kit and had to cut up a sanitary towel to dress the wound till they got to the hospital.

A couple of days later we get into a small town in Germany and somehow a small German woman manages to crash her car into our huge bus. This woman's screaming blue murder at the driver who speaks two words of German (that he probably got off of Faulty Towers) and I, being the one and only person on the trip with even a basic knowledge of German have to placate this mad motorist and get them to swap details.

I'm no longer a church goer, but I do have a fond memory of the then boyfriend punching me in the arm because I suggested he volunteered to go up and dance in a room full of strangers on "Austrian Night" (Twunt).

Length? Girth? I'd prefer a guy with a vibrating nut sack.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 23:41, Reply)
Anal Yodelling.
About 5 years ago I did a job, a conference, in a very quiet off-season Swiss resort.
The venue was a huge hall jutting out from a hostel type place, on stilts, containing 4 indoor tennis courts with a glass wall at one end giving a spectacular view of the Alpine scenery. Concerned about the acoustics of such a hangar-sized building , myself and a colleague strolled in to find that the place had been taken over by a large party of rowdy French schoolkids aged about 10-12. They were hanging out of their dorm windows, shouting, fighting, throwing bags at each other, totally Sunny D’d .

Reaching the centre of that cavern, 2 courts in, we realised it was an acoustic nightmare.
Needing to think and wanting to silence the French ADHD party, I bellowed “Hey!!! Ecoutez!” at them. Instantly, they all fell completely silent, stopped in mid-pillow fight and turned to face us. At that point, I struck the pose, cocked my leg, and kick started my imaginary motorbike, unleashing the longest drawn-out sheet tearing rip-snorting fart I have ever done. It was audio perfection, changed pitch mid-way, and I swear it bounced off the mountains and reverberated round that hall for about 10 seconds, I couldn’t believe such a beast had emanated from my very own dirtbox. Lifting off the pedal before I drew mud, I turned to face the schoolkids and took a bow. There was absolute, perfect silence for just a split-second before they (and us) erupted in screams of laughter. Picking ourselves up, literally, we left the building with them still howling.

For the rest of the week whenever we happened across the party of French kids in their class gatherings, all you could hear were them making loud farting noises prompting their teachers/handlers to go completely mental trying to restore order. They obviously had no clue as to why the appearance of these Englishmen triggered total mayhem from their little charges.

I like to think that they all went home and wrote essays about the Incredible English Anal Yodeller (and his astounded colleague)
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 22:39, Reply)
Teachers are quite obviously unaware of the laws of physics
Went on a trip to the North Yorkshire Moors as a kid, and we all had a chance to get in a canoe/kayak type thing, but our teachers, being the bright sparks that they were, decided to rent only 5 boats.

so, instead of spliting us into groups of 3 with a teacher, they decided to 6 in a boat, and the teacher couldn't get in, but seeing as it was a shallow pondy-lake , they thought it was ok, as we could all swim...

as they pushed us from the jetty, the boat sank slightly, capsized, and we all got a healthy lungful of duck-faeces and water...

Why didn't we think of sueing!?!?!?!
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 22:23, Reply)
School trips were so much better in 1971
Aged 13, 'educational' school trip to France. We visited the local wine caves and all us 13 year old British kids who had never touched it before were given a half pint glass of rose. I downed mine quickly and had a couple more from kids who didn't like the taste. I was fine in the cool underground caves but walking out into the sunshine was like walking into a brick wall and I was instantly drunk. I spent the rest of the day snoring gently in the back of the coach. Later in the week we went to Paris for a couple of days. Once we'd been booked into the hotel, four of us 13 year old girls decided to explore. This was made a bit easier due to the fact that the art teacher was 'getting to know' a very pretty sixth former who he later had to marry due to the fact that she was expecting. We didn't know this at the time but managed to work out later why we had been so lightly supervised. Anyway, we bought unlimited travel metro tickets and off we went. I recall finding the Moulin Rouge and various other tourist hot spots before we decided it was a bit dark and we'd better get back as we'd been gone for hours. Amazingly, we hadn't even been missed and the teachers seemed quite unbothered that we'd found so many interesting things to tell them about. Educational? More like a free jolly for the teachers, I'm only amazed they didn't lose more kids.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 21:21, Reply)
We had a trip to Normandy when I was, ooh , about 13-14ish. I was really looking forward to this being very interested in WW2, Normandy battle fields, Caen etc etc.
But no, we stayed in a nice sleepy village and had a good time. Except we visited nothing to do with the war(s). The one day we had an "orgy" when the teachers went out. I was the only person not invited, so I wandered the grave yard looking for war graves.

(pretentious cunt, no wonder no one invited me)

And the Orgy was a game of cards. Ha.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 21:13, Reply)
we went on a trip to 10 downing street
we did a bit of interesting "graffiti" that nobody seemed to notice - the next time we watched the news it was very noticeable as seen here

(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 21:00, Reply)
anaka rice ass
once when my brother went ona school trip with his school challenge anika was at the same place, and as anika ran past my brother he touched her ass and then got kicked out the way by and angry camaraman! this was back in the late 80's

the other time i went to the millinium dome in 2000 with the school,as all the good time boys we sat at the back,my mate needed a piss, so he pissed in a coke bottle and threw it towards the front of the coach, some kid picked it up, and as we all started to lagh at him, he dropped it and it went all over him..pwn!

then we stopped off at marble arch for some food, me and a few friends went into the big park near there to have a few reefers and low and behold we skinned up behind a police station, we got caught smoking dope, though not a lot happend as it was a school trip, we got away with it, conviscated the hashish though
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 20:29, Reply)
in march/april time this year, me and my german comrades went to germany.

Here i have a (brief) description of my stay with 'Jan' (pronounced yarn, if your're posh and english and i'm not american by the way, god, who could say 'ass' instead of arse - gimme an arse any day)ANYWAY i digress i went on that trip. it. was. shit. in a whole new level of shit, about 4 metres. ANYWAY i digress. i went on this exchange, so he came here in chilly november (the fireworks night last year) and he is either a large RAT or a small human who is a RAT. But either way he was a COMPLETE GEEK - his favourite past-time? guild wars. his best weekend activity for his exchange partner (who he is trying to entertain, in theory)? going to see some pagan rocks in the middle of funck-knows-where and then walking up a mountain and going to an adventure park in the POURING RAIN!! although, being from britain i should be ok with it. But what of the sunday? i hear you cry!!! well, lets just go to the local Bird sanctuary, and spend a half-hour there, that won't piss ameoba off will it? And to top it all off he preffered to go home on the quick bus, rather than the bus with the pretty girl on which took a bit longer, i'm too damn english - i said he could decide.

But i finally got my revenge...

The final day of the trip - we leave at 7:30 AM the next day, we're in bremen, it's drizzly, we get shown by the 'big year 10's' where the best shops are, we get a good 4 hours o free time in most of the cities we go to, and here, i ended up spending a good 60 euros, about 10 of which were spent on those super-strong magnets that you get from those cool shops, the ones you can dangle from your hand 'cos they're so strong. so i have at least 6 of these magnets. and i think

'hmmn, what can i do to this little motherfudger that isn't fatal, 'cos i'm never going to have to see him again, and i just don't reply to his e-mails. Hmmmn, what is his obsession? Guild Wars? hmmn, do magnets mix with hard-drives? so that evening, when we were having our usual evening ritual of a family diner then the dreaded question "you wanna play P.C.?"i keep a magnet or two in my pocket and get ready for when it's my go and he gets called up by his mother for her to have a scream at him about something i sneak the two magnets out of my pocket and hold them against the case of the P.C. the screen just stops there and then, with me in mid battle with some sort of scorpion - i have a picture on my phone cos it was a victorious moment in my life. And as far as i know, they don't know how it happened.

i'm going again this year, and i have a geek, again, and this doesn't reflect my personality, we were only put together because we both play table tennis. Also, this year, he is worse - he plays magic the gathering and WoW, but the good news is my (hopefully) girlfriend is going to go with me and my school to germany, hmmn, 10 hour coach journey..... what would we get up to there?

well this has taken me far too long

so i will apologose for length - even for a 14 y/o and girth is still off-the wall.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 20:04, Reply)
school trips
I have a hazy memory of a trip London Zoo circa 84 or thereabouts,whatever atrocities that ensued my school never went back ever again.
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 19:59, Reply)
1st Year of Secondary school (year 7)
Get to go with the whole class for a few days at an 'outward bound' center on dartmoor (each class in the year gets to go at one point or other)

Exciting? Well for most people in the class yes... but for me? I lived there anyway. camping out side in the rain is not fun when you know your bed is only a 5 min walk away!!

A couple of my friends have been deported from Austria while on a scouts trip... I will have to get one of them to write up the whole story because it is well worth it (I think LSD and associated shenanigans were involved)
(, Mon 11 Dec 2006, 19:59, Reply)

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