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This is a question Screwed over by The Man

We once made a flash animation for a record company. They told us it was brilliant and 30 staff gave us a round of applause. They asked us to stick it out without their name on it. Then their legal department sent us a cease and desist for infringing their copyright. How have you been screwed over?

(, Fri 3 Aug 2012, 13:46)
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The wife took it at work...
Not in the way it sounds. She got suspended for two weeks due to a policy violation (fair enough, she did do wrong). They told her she had to leave the premises (Cinemark Theater) IMMEDIATELY!

When she went back to start up again the POS manager had extended her suspension for a third week for not signing out of her shift.

The dickweed used to manage the Cinemark in Aurora, CO. So, yeah, disgruntled employee was the first thought across our minds.
(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 0:11, closed)
I shall ask the question on behalf of every single poster here.
So what'd she do to get suspended??
(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 9:21, closed)
Blowing some of the patrons on the back row
for a few dollars in beer money
(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 9:59, closed)
would more likely have earned her a promotion.
(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 11:31, closed)
not if she was cutting the aforementioned manager out of her rotation

(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 13:35, closed)
Hell's Bells... I'm not in that rotation!
But then again, I'm a cheap fucker. And a lousy tipper to boot.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 1:33, closed)
She was the bacon slicer.....

(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 13:39, closed)
She left her watch at home
When a customer asked her for the time, she checked her cell phone. Cell phones aren't allowed, that was the big no-no.

Heavens to Mergatroyd!
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 1:30, closed)
That's a bit disappointing
We were hoping for something a little more scandalous.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 11:04, closed)
The phone was hidden up her arse
When she took it out to check the time some poo flew out and landed in the popcorn
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 11:31, closed)
I say!

(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 13:37, closed)

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