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This is a question Screwed over by The Man

We once made a flash animation for a record company. They told us it was brilliant and 30 staff gave us a round of applause. They asked us to stick it out without their name on it. Then their legal department sent us a cease and desist for infringing their copyright. How have you been screwed over?

(, Fri 3 Aug 2012, 13:46)
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Don't screw over my loved-ones.
The woman who was to become Mrs Airman Gabber joined the software company I worked for back in the 1990's. After her probationary period she was taken on full time but on a pittance, but was promised that after a further 6 months she would receive a substantial payrise. During this 6 month period we established a clandestine relationship that only one of my colleagues knew anything about.

Over the following months she put her heart and soul into the role (with additional coaching by me) and, as promised, was duly summoned to the 6-month appraisal by the 70 year old Managing Director, he informed bluntly that he was not going to give her the promised payrise as,"You'll probably be going off and having babies soon so there's no point."

As I was in a senior role in the company, and was planning to start living with this girl we decided that if either of us made an issue about this blatantly illegal conversation it could jeapordise my situation. We told all our colleagues about it though who were equally outraged.

Ms Gabber-to-be left the company shortly after for a much cushier job. My colleague and good friend (the programmer responsible for the software she supported) had had enough of training a succession of support desk people. He left shortly after that leaving the project right in the shit.

They got a new guy in on 4k more than Ms Gabber-to-be had been paid and he was pretty hopeless, especially without the back-up of the original programmer.

After some coaching by another colleague I plotted my revenge. I arranged a meeting with the MD of the company and told him that although I loved the company and really didn't want to leave I'd been head-hunted for a job that was almost too good to refuse and could he see whether he could possibly match the offer to make sure I didn't have to make this difficult choice.

He did. The rise came to exactly 4k and I took the first salary payment the month after Ms Gabber-to-be and I moved in together.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 11:01, closed)
Just to make sure this
was properly accounted for fuckage-overness, was the payrise Mrs AG would have got, around 4k?

We have to balance the karma books here.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 12:08, closed)
It would have been less than 4k. Probably only 2.
I wanted 4k as that was how much more her replacement got once she told them to stuff their job.

So I think we may be up on the karma.

TBH it was probably the best thing that happened as her new employers were cash rich (Pharma advertising = ) so paid her to become a MS certified trainer in just about every Microsoft Office product going.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 12:24, closed)

Thumbup for Mrs AG.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 12:53, closed)
Fucking pricks going on about karma
there's no such thing knobbers
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 13:21, closed)
You'd better hope so,
as you're well overdue to walk under a dropped skip.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 15:56, closed)
And what they're talking about is Dharma anyway
Karma only affects your next life.
(, Wed 8 Aug 2012, 16:39, closed)
Reading between the lines
& I must say this is all conjecture.
I think your MD may have known more about your "clandestine realationship" than you may have thought.
I don't think they wanted to lose you (kudos) or deal with the fallout from firing your missus for breaking some sort of policy on workplace relationships.
I think you played right into their hands by being outraged and telling all your office compadres.
Personally considering the policies some organisations have, the fact that you both came out the other side still with jobs let alone managing to "wrangle" a 4k/annum bonus makes you the fucking lucky screwer-over.
(, Tue 7 Aug 2012, 13:06, closed)

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