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This is a question Secret Santa

Ah, the joy of giving anonymously. Squeal as your boss is given a porn mag for christmas. Out your colleagues with a carefully chosen Gaydar Radio compilation album, but best of all, keep quiet about picking your own name out of the hat and buy yourself something really, really expensive.

What have you given to people you hate?

(, Fri 15 Dec 2006, 10:03)
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OK. One more time ...
There's a girl in my office who's been flirting with me for weeks. It started with smiles, then progressed to tight blouses, then no bra and tighter blouses. She certainly had my attention.

Things escalated last week when she swivelled around on her wheely chair and showed her legs to great effect in a disgracefully short skirt. She looked me meaningfully in the eyes and uncrossed her lovely pins to reveal a distinct lack of underwear. Being on the phone at the time, she continued to sit like that for the duration of the conversation as my trousers filled with rigid meat.

So I was delighted to get her as my Secret Santa target. I bought one of those saucy vibrators with a remote control and watched her face when she opened it. She actually blushed! Then a sly smile came over her face.

This morning, when I arrived at my desk, she was wearing the same short skirt. Only this time, when she swivelled around to face me and uncrossed her lovely legs, I saw the butt end of that same vibro, which was deeply embedded in her parts. "Look in your top drawer," she whispered.

And there was the remote. I grinned, pointed it at her loins and pressed 'moderate'. It made no noise, but her wriggling and rising colour showed that it was taking effect. I flicked it to 'high' and she had to turn back to her desk, where she gripped her keyboard with whitened knuckles. That was when I remembered the clit stimuator and pressed the little pink button.

Her LCD monitor fell over when she came.
(, Fri 15 Dec 2006, 11:44, Reply)

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