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This is a question Secret Santa

Ah, the joy of giving anonymously. Squeal as your boss is given a porn mag for christmas. Out your colleagues with a carefully chosen Gaydar Radio compilation album, but best of all, keep quiet about picking your own name out of the hat and buy yourself something really, really expensive.

What have you given to people you hate?

(, Fri 15 Dec 2006, 10:03)
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Secret Stealer
When I was at sixth form we did a Secret Stealer one year.

We each pulled names out of a hat and the object was to shoplift a gift for that person. I don't remember what I procured but you could tell which shops were known for their lax security by the plethora of trinkets from a select few outlets in town.

I have often tried to revive this as a Christmas tradition but no one seems to want to take up the challenge.
(, Tue 26 Dec 2006, 13:43, closed)

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