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This is a question Secret Santa

Ah, the joy of giving anonymously. Squeal as your boss is given a porn mag for christmas. Out your colleagues with a carefully chosen Gaydar Radio compilation album, but best of all, keep quiet about picking your own name out of the hat and buy yourself something really, really expensive.

What have you given to people you hate?

(, Fri 15 Dec 2006, 10:03)
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What to buy!
had the usual £5 limit, couldnt decide what to buy, and usual crap of tin of roses from Tescos, cheap wine, vibrator/etc didnt appeal.

So had a look around and ended up at www.oxfam.org.uk/, paid £1 more and donated £6 to buy 100 school dinners for some african school.

You receive a card which explains about it in an envelope, about CD size.

this is where the story comes in, i got a cardboard package that you use to send CD's in the post, stuck the envelope in that, sellotaped it up (badly) and stuck a badly cut out print of father christmas.

so it was small, looked shit, and i knew people were commenting on the shitty secret santa gift.

The MD had it, but he wasnt in, so it was unopened, but I explained to the secretary what it was, her face was a picture when she realised the shitty present she was expecting wasnt that!

also didnt have to trapse around the shops looking for it!
(, Tue 26 Dec 2006, 20:51, Reply)

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