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This is a question Self-Inflicted injuries

Spanishfly asks: Ever injured yourself in a moment of frustration? When have you ever done something stupid or sensible that has ended up with you injured? Punched an Asda sign because they didn't have tiger bread? Yeah, us too

This isn't a question about intentional self-harm

(, Thu 28 Nov 2013, 13:06)
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I had a couple of mates who got called up for jury duty a few months ago.
Flynn is a knock-about kinda fellow. He's never really held a "real job" and even when he is working he's often got something else on the go.
Edward is a bit more of a "straight player" - he does everything by the fucking book. If it ain't documented in triplicate then it didn't happen.

A few months ago a big murder happened. Amazingly both of them got called up to perform jury duty. It was a huge case with a lot of media scrutiny so the powers that be decided to put the jurors up in a hotel near the courthouse in an attempt to keep them from being swayed by the media's bias.

Flynn and Eddie got lumped in the same room. As you can imagine after a few days the cracks started to show. These guys really were like calcium carbonate and Gruyère and having to spend all their waking AND sleeping time together was taking it's toll on the friendship. Some of the press started to notice the antagonism between the two and decided to make it the focus of their reportage.
It all came a head one day - Ted and Flynn had been at each other for days, while the defence lawyer for the defendant was questioning someone Eddie leaned over in the jury dock and whispered something particularly unsavoury about Flynn's wife to him. Flynn responded by surreptitiously but vigorously flicking Ed as hard as he could. The magistrate noticed and told them both off for inappropriate behaviour.
Of course the court reporters noticed and wrote what they could using a headline they knew would sell "Flynn flicked Ted in Juries."

(, Sat 30 Nov 2013, 23:39, 7 replies)
Not bad

(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 0:25, closed)
for fuck's sake

(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 1:00, closed)
You seem
a tad upset.
(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 1:18, closed)
dunno about upset
I just despair sometimes
(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 1:26, closed)
Look at it like this -
it's a badly written pun written by a stranger, on a "comedy website" lol, on a site renowned for it's irreverence, on the internet.
(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 1:33, closed)
it's a bit of a waste of a Damascene conversion
if all that comes out of it is a terrible pun. still, it'll be interesting to see how you deal with self-awareness.
(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 10:13, closed)
NOT taking the internet too seriously - right here.
(, Sun 1 Dec 2013, 20:32, closed)

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