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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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As a bloke,
this drives me bonkers also. From observing male behaviour in public restrooms, I have concluded it's because many men do not like to look at themselves whilst performing thus making aiming impossible.

Not flushing usually depends on the individual - some swear by the, "let it mellow if its yellow" tenet.

NB: I do not make a habit of observing male behaviour in public restrooms - I am merely observant.

(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 14:26, 1 reply)
I agree with this.
But at the same time, I want to know - What the bloody hell is so hard about sitting down?
A lot of men use the excuse that it's "impossible to aim" and all that bollocks, when they could simply sit down and not have to worry about it.

No it doesn't make you look girly, it's taking a piss not showing your cock in the window (unless you do, in which case you're forgiven).

Another thing is, whenever I go into a public restroom, WHY, just WHY do I find urine all over the toilet seat when NO ONE is using the urinals? I've been to public toilets where there's a whole line of urinals that aren't being used, then some twat comes out of the stall and I go in to find piss EVERYWHERE. It drives me right barking mad, sometimes.

(, Tue 5 Jan 2010, 1:24, closed)

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