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This is a question Sex Toys

Lanternchikk asks "How about a vibrant and stimulating discussion on sex toys?" What do you use to get off, and has it ever gone wrong? And yes, we've heard that urban myth, thank you.

(, Thu 17 May 2012, 11:33)
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I have a chastity device.
Well, not so much a device as a personality.
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 10:53, 14 replies)
Is this the point where I make a joke about your book?

(, Mon 21 May 2012, 13:06, closed)
That book is no laughing matter.
It's not even reading matter.
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 13:09, closed)
His book is not one to be put
down lightly.

It should be thrown as hard as possible.
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 13:19, closed)
You're going to throw my book. Which is an ebook. A file.

Why don't you like it? Couldn't you download it to your radio?
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 15:56, closed)

I love that your best defence isn't 'Actually, my book is good and selling well and a lot of people like it, so it doesn't matter what you think' but is 'it's not actually a real book'.

Although, just out of interest, what do you think people read it on that couldn't be thrown?
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:16, closed)
I'm not going to waste my hundred pound e-reader device just to get rid of his terrible 99p pamphlet.

(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:22, closed)
I don't need to defend my writing
to someone who hasn't read it.
(, Tue 22 May 2012, 2:46, closed)
Can you defend it to some of us who have?

(, Tue 22 May 2012, 7:43, closed)
You're absolutely right.
I couldn't download it to my radio.

Actually, I'm just jumping on the bandwagon. I didn't know you had a book. Does it have bits I can colour in?
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:28, closed)
You'll only need a brown pen.

(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:34, closed)
When I saw its shit cover
I threw my monitor against the wall.

Will that do?
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:33, closed)
Yes, now would be spot on.

(, Mon 21 May 2012, 16:12, closed)
I have a face that does that

(, Mon 21 May 2012, 13:27, closed)
I couldn't get laid in carpet world :(
(, Mon 21 May 2012, 17:09, closed)

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