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This is a question Shame

Some people get off on the exhibitionism, but this was pure lust. I'm not proud, but I did once have sex on Portsmouth beach at 2am in the fog. I got a nasty cold, shingle _everywhere_ and have never, ever gone back to Portsmouth. The shame.

There are things you boast about, and then there's Portsmouth beach... what are you ashamed of having done?

(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 17:16)
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Last Night
I was at our local pub quiz last night and the theme was 'Scotland'. Needless to say we did atrociously. Now in this quiz you can play a joker where, for one round, he'll double whatever points you score. Despite already having played our joker early on in the quiz, our score was so woeful that after the last round he couldn't believe we could have already played it and still been so far behind. So he presumed he'd messed up and let us play it again.

Shame but also - score!

We still came last mind. Although during we managed to get a bonus point for comedy when, after our blank looks met the question 'What were Abbot and Costello's first names?' I wrote Russ and Elvis respectively.

Double score!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:28, Reply)

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