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This is a question Shame

Some people get off on the exhibitionism, but this was pure lust. I'm not proud, but I did once have sex on Portsmouth beach at 2am in the fog. I got a nasty cold, shingle _everywhere_ and have never, ever gone back to Portsmouth. The shame.

There are things you boast about, and then there's Portsmouth beach... what are you ashamed of having done?

(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 17:16)
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This question is now closed.

Shame- or as seen as we've gone off topic- finishing last!
May as well join in for shits n giggles
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:11, Reply)
Ooops just realised i hadn't posted my own story
errrrm.... must have been the other week, was walking across a perimeter road in coventry to get to a car park with some mates, not many cars coming, but somehow my left leg gave way while i was running, so i slowly fell onto my arse in the middle of a four lane road (one way traffic), had loads of pedestrians, including my own mates, laughing at me, even a few cars slowed down and i could see the people in them laughing, i was about as red as a tomato and will probably never live it down
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:09, Reply)
Curse this ^^ and everything above it.
a plague on all your council houses.

/edit i like vaginas too although could never eat a whole one.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:05, Reply)
oh, so we're off topic now are we? right....

I like vaginas.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:05, Reply)
me me me!

(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 15:03, Reply)
Ain't that a shame
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:59, Reply)
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:53, Reply)
you won't be last
i might be though
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:52, Reply)
I'd like to be last
But I doubt it will be so

Now come on kids, surely there's work to be done?

P.S- not for me, civil servant! AHAHAHAHA!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:46, Reply)
I'm hungover...
Listening to my flatmates trance collection and dancing about like a loon in a towel.

Sooo glad there is no one about. The things you do whilst unemployed to entertain yourself.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:16, Reply)
But I'm a lady!
Sir. Ha. Shame on you. Perhaps we should all just calm down, take a minute and do some work...

Deep breathes everyone.


And out....

Thats good, well done.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:14, Reply)
F5 F5 F5 F5
Shame on me for being a loser!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:13, Reply)
Shazzas tits
I had three whole lambrinis last night and spewed all over Shazzas tits.

Oh the shame!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:09, Reply)
Um, just quietly....
Damn sir, you have seen through my cunning plan.

Thanks though, this little game has made me laugh like a loon for the last few hours.

I'm giving up now, there's stuff I need to go and do. Legless can be last. Of course I say that then someone with an 'L' plate will post a story about how they had three whole lambrini's last night and "spewed all over Shazzas tits, innit". Won't that be a (snigger) shame.

EDIT: dchurch, I take my hat off to you sir! I will post no more in honour of your quick-wittedness.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:07, Reply)
The time I crapped my pants in primary school and sat with trousers full off poo till I got home and had to ask my mother to clean my arris hole while my younger sister pointed and laughed.

The time I got so pissed I was carried home by mates, stripped naked by my parents and sent off to bed, only to wake them the following morning with the sounds of me choking on my own puke whilst simultaneously pissing the bed. Then being held up in the shower whilst I was hosed down.

Another drunken tail of shame. Got anihilated on tequila ( I dont generally drink alchomahol)
then proceeded to spend the next few hours in a friends toilet drinking water from the bowel and flushing the toilet so that I could hang my head in the cool water as it flushed until the rest of the party decided that they needed the toilet so i was carried to the sofa and left to puke in the bin.

The time I was cautioned for climbing onto the incomplete church roof and writing out the word LEG in roof tiles. Age 26
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:07, Reply)
Shame On Me
yea, i went sleep walking the other night, tried to climb out my bedroom window, u know the type, the only open at the top, so i tried to climb out, and i couldnt, so in my half asleep state, i smashed the window, double glazing, both panes. now im cut to ribbons. ouch!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:05, Reply)
Speaking of George Best...
(and desperately trying to stop what might turn into a messy and violent argument)...

I walked into the office after lunch last Friday, and asked in my mocking and flippant manner: "Is he dead yet or what?".

He'd died half an hour previously. I felt bad.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:04, Reply)
Your such a suck up Gleeballs.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:04, Reply)
He's right you know

(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 14:03, Reply)
May I add...
Shame on all of you! May you all wallow in your own self-loathing and feel the stomach cramps of guilt for the rest of your days! Your insatiable desire to turn back the clock will be equalled in its intensity only by the sheer size of the gaping hole that is left where your misplaced sense of pride once resided!

(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:59, Reply)
Something has just occured to me....
As much fun as this is, if the question is changed at the same time as it was last week then we have to keep this going for another three hours or so.

Therefore I think we should stop this silly game and no one should post anything else until the question is changed.

Any objections? No? Good. Glad we're all agreed.

Right no more answers starting NOW.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:56, Reply)
Pub Quiz
There is a pub quiz i take part in every week, normally 5-6 of us, anyway, out of 40 questions, we normally only get about 22-26, and lose on a regular occasion. There is a team, every single week, only ever visit the pub to take part and win the 50 quid prize, and they allways win. Allways. Nice people even giving our team their "leftover" fiver because apparently 55 pounds doesnt divide by 5 very well.

No such luck this week, my brother recently got a job at said pub, and set the questions for the round, finished work early, and with just me, him and another friend, secured out 50 pound prize, beating the unbeatables.

I do have no shame, and yes i will be taking part this week,

and the next.

(I supose this would have been better in last weeks QOTW)
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:55, Reply)
Now who should be a-SHAMED! Eh?! I may even go as far as to call you a Cheating Cheaty Cheat.

Your behaviour is an outrage and Legless has told me that he's to a-SHAMED of you and doesn't want to be your friend*.

*May not be 100% fact. Shame on me.

EDIT: Is anyone going to help me??? I'm being cyber bullied!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:52, Reply)
I was almost put to shame by being the last person to respond to the QOTW.....
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:50, Reply)
Just Quietly, I like You.

I second what Gleeballs said. I've no idea what you're talking about. I'd never post a message up here without strictly adhering to the accepted QOTW conventions. It would make the MODS mad at me. I'd never do that.

And, to keep on topic...

I'm really ashamed of myself for blatantly lying on this board and deliberatly confusing a relative newbie. Still, that'll teach the wretch not to promise to come to a B3ta Bash and not turn up. We got fecking
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:47, Reply)
How dare you sir!
What an outrageous slur against my character. You show me any proof (other than the fact I've posted three times in the last hour and none of them have been even slightly relevant to the QOTW, which all doesn't count, so there) that I am trying to get the last post.

My seconds shall call for you at dawn!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:45, Reply)
Ok, so this one time I read messages from Legless and Gleeballs saying they wanted to be last to post on the board. When I went back to find these said messages after posting a VERY relevant comment, I couldn't! Oh, the humanity! I was so ashamed of myself for being a complete weapon that I came up with a story that is most certainly NOT a comment in disguise just so I'd look cool and not appear to be a fool.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:41, Reply)
Um, just quietly, I like you...
Me and Legless have absolutely no idea to what you are referring but we have a feeling the mods wouldn't be too happy.

Tut, tut. Shame on you!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:23, Reply)
Dead People
Many moons ago, a silly trend of saying, "S/he's dead," upon hearing mentioned the name of a dead person of fame, was born in my family. Now, years later and with the popularity of texting, we find ourselves among a big group of people who all try to be the first to text everyone as soon as some celebrity carks it.

Great kudos is attached to getting unexpected and particularly famous ones, whereas people such as George Best and the Pope are races, causing tvs to get turned on in the middle of the night when getting up for a wee, just in case they've slipped away.

The group is big because people find out about it and want to join in. The main rule is that one must not need to offer an explanation as to who the person is - his or her name must suffice (i.e. no texting "so-and-so - he played wotsit in such-and-such). I got the Pope! But I didn't get George - I was in the pub at the time, which seemed fitting enough.

The real shame comes from being so excited about texting etc. that one forgets how sad it is - like when Emlyn Hughes died, for example.

Ridiculous. Shameful. Fun.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:18, Reply)
Today, while reading the latest posts at work, I sat up to have a good stretch. Along with my groan of contentness I also forced out a clearly audible fart featuring a rather violent smell. None of the 4 people who sit round me said anything.

There is no way that they didn't hear it...

(, Thu 1 Dec 2005, 13:18, Reply)

This question is now closed.

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