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This is a question Siblings

Brothers and sisters - can't live with 'em, can't stove 'em to death with the coal scuttle and bury 'em behind the local industrial estate. Tell us about yours.

Thanks to suboftheday for the suggestion -we're keeping the question open for another week for the New Year

(, Thu 25 Dec 2008, 17:20)
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My brother from another mother
I will start by saying I am an only child. Well I may as well be an only child as my biological father, whom I have never met and never wish to as he beat my mother whilst pregnant with me, has 3 other children that I also haven't met.

I digress...

From a very young age, say three or four, I was absolute best buds with a lad that lived around the corner from me. We were as thick as thieves, some said we even looked similar and we did everything together. I remember countless times playing transformers or lego together, playing board games and hide and seek - all the usual kiddie stuff. I also remember the sleepovers we had where we would completely destroy the room and make a pretend fort and just play games in until we were caught and told off for not going to sleep or just fell asleep as it was so late. Growing, up we both were into the same things, computer games, racing cars, sports and more importantly at the time stealing booze from his dad and get wasted and play 3am knock down ginger with our neighbours. We were practically brothers and even our own parents called each of us their 'surrogate sons'.

So life is as usual until we reach the age of wanting to explore the realms of the opposite sex. I was abnormally shy, though I could speak to girls no problem - sealing the deal was seemingly always unobtainable but my mate apparently was the Don Juan of the teenage world. Girls loved him and he loved them. Yeah I was jealous that he had got to 4th base before I had, a kind of sibling rivalry I guess, but really to me it made no difference.

So fast forward a little bit and one day we are having our usual tipple of his dads pinched gin (I now HATE gin incidentally) and he divulges some information that took me by suprise....

"Spangulum... I have something to tell you..."

"oh yeah...?"

"I haven't really had sex with a bird yet... I was just lying so nobody would know my true feelings..."

"fair enough" was all I managed to get out before he continued.

"...I actually really fancy you...love you... and want you to be my first."




I ran... ashamed to say it but I got up, left his house and bloody ran all the way home: shocked, stunned and just really confused at what he said. I was categorically not that way inclined, and am still not for the record, and never really considered myself homophobic at all - but this just really freaked me out. The whole night I couldn't sleep, just thinking about what was just said and the situation I was put in. Sobered me up damn fast I can tell you!

The next day he saw me again and pretended to not know what happened so naturally I did the same... I guess just hoping each other would have forgotten as we were both pretty drunk but it was pretty obvious due to the tension in the air that we both were very well aware.

We didn't really speak anymore after that... it has now been about 12 years that I haven't seen him and miss him as a mate - and kind of miss that feeling that I had a brother of sorts. God knows what I must have put him through by running like I did epsecially when he put his heart on the line like that. I still feel bad to this day and wish I had handled things differently.

Sorry for the lack of laughs or puns - this is just something that has been locked away inside my head for a long time and I suppose needed to get out.
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 16:37, 10 replies)
That's really sad. Do you know where he is now?
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 17:17, closed)
Go and find him and.......
Give him a big man kiss. Like footballers do : )
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 18:03, closed)
I vote
Tracking him down and becoming friends again!

But in the strictly no anal escapades way.

...unless thats what you fancy ;)
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 18:06, closed)
I would love to
I 'think' he is on the evil site that is facebook as well. Sod it I will make the plunge and add him and hope that it is him.

Even if we don't become friends again, I would love to know how he is doing and what he has got up to in the past decade!

...and don't worry, there will be no anal escapades!
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 19:56, closed)
good luck to you
I hope you're friends again.
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 20:56, closed)
Me too actually!
(, Wed 31 Dec 2008, 10:54, closed)
Find him

(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 18:46, closed)
so sad
Please find him and sort things out: good for you, good for him, happy ending for us!
(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 18:57, closed)
I'm telling you this as a top tip.
Get a gay best friend and they attract the ladies like you wouldn't believe. Almost works as well as having a cute kid in tow.

(, Tue 30 Dec 2008, 20:49, closed)
I have one
and he told me last week that, out of 4 people, he'd like to roger me second. I was quite flattered, but my other mate couldn't understand why..... he was 3rd. HA! One nil me! If only I could persuade some lady types now.
(, Wed 31 Dec 2008, 4:00, closed)

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