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This is a question Your first cigarette

To be honest, inhaling the fumes from some burning leaves isn't the most natural thing in the world.
Tell us about the first time. Where, when, and who were you trying to show off to?

Or, if you've never tried a cigarette, tell us something interesting on the subject of smoking.

Personally, I've never ever smoked a cigarette. Lung damage from pneumonia put me off.

(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 18:49)
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i don't smoke, never have never will.

I used to work in a newsagents in newmarket (hint: i share my first name with them) and every saturday this guy would come in and spend £40+ on tobacco and cigarettes,
Now your thinking thats not too bad some people spend more but this guy looked and smelled disgusting, he could induce vomit from forty paces and always had a string of drool hanging from his mouth not the best image for a smoker,
Every time he came in i had to talk to him whilst holding my breath (which is hard) and serve him as quickly as possible,
Until my last day as cover manager at the store where i told him that we had sold out of tobacco despite standing behind a counter full of the stuff,
he believed me and shuffled off out of the store never to be seen again (by me atleast)

Length? Bigger than a cigar
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 19:13, 1 reply)
Was it Tindalls?
I remember the bloke you're talking about - a sort of smaller version of the bloke out of The Goonies with dark hair. Once when I was about eleven he spat on my neck while I was reading a comic in Tindalls. A few weeks later he gave my friend a whoopee cushion and a stamp.

I felt a bit hurt, to be honest.
(, Thu 20 Mar 2008, 11:49, closed)

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