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This is a question Your first cigarette

To be honest, inhaling the fumes from some burning leaves isn't the most natural thing in the world.
Tell us about the first time. Where, when, and who were you trying to show off to?

Or, if you've never tried a cigarette, tell us something interesting on the subject of smoking.

Personally, I've never ever smoked a cigarette. Lung damage from pneumonia put me off.

(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 18:49)
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My first cigarette...
I was about 10 years old, and round one of my friends house (Jack) with a group of others. A few days prior, Jack had found a lighter down the back of a bus seat. It was half filled with gas, so, being destructive children that we were (Jack, Brian, James, and I), decided to burn things.

It wasn’t until one of us (I forget who it was, but it was probably me) pretended to do the smoking thing with the fingers. Jack's mum smoked, so we went looking round her room for a packet, to steal a cig.

Eventually, we found one. We took it out of the packet, hid it up Brian’s jumper, put the packet back in its place and sneaked back to Jack's room, giggling like loons.

We all sat around in a circle, with the cigarette in the middle, staring at it. We each tried to get someone else to light it, as, in reality, we were all pussies. James eventually asked, "How do you do it?" To which I replied, "I'll show you"

I took a piece of A4 paper, rolled it up, took the lighter, set one end on fire. I took one sharp, deep breath in, then promptly choked and spluttered... It took about three days to make the pain go away.

So that was my first 'Cigarette'... a rolled up piece of paper.
(, Wed 19 Mar 2008, 19:14, Reply)

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