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This is a question Sorry

With Tesco taking out full page adverts to say sorry for selling us ponyburgers, now is the time for us all to say Sorry.
Write a letter of apology to someone who deserves it.

props to Monty_Boyce

(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 14:50)
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My brother and I used to apologise for EVERYTHING
Like, if we moved aside to let someone walk past on the pavement, we'd apologise. If we wanted someone to move out of the way so we could get past we'd apologise. If we sang a wrong note in choir we'd apologise.

One day my mum took us aside and tried to explain the nuances of the legal system to us. "If you say sorry, you're saying it's your fault, and then that person can sue you. If you don't say sorry it's not your fault."

My brother went up to a school bully and kicked him in the crotch, then ran off shouting, "It's not my fault, I didn't say soooorrryyyyy!"
(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 23:59, 5 replies)
Your mother is a moron.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 8:06, closed)
Who raised morons.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 8:11, closed)
It's morons all the way back.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 8:14, closed)
Moron this later.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 10:00, closed)
True enough
We were 4, mind.
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 20:00, closed)

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